Something To Make Up

Last week was supposed to be my last skate lesson (of what I paid for) and I was hoping to share complete awesomeness about it with you guys. Unfortunately, some family stuff came up and I had to head back to Tennessee a few days early, which means I didn’t get to that lesson.

Fortunately, I can make it up later. I’ve already decided that I want to continue lessons for the course of the school year. Everyone needs a break from grading essays, right?

But I do have two hockey-related stories to share despite the rough week. The first happened a week or so ago. I went to see The Dark Knight Rises with my hockey friend (I’ve mentioned him on here before) and yes, the movie was really awesome so you should go see it. After the movie we headed back to his house and had a beer. We talked about my skating lessons and how I really did want to learn to play hockey. He asked me what shot I was, right or left.

I had no idea.

To find out we went to his garage and he handed me a hockey stick (right) and showed me how to hold it. I’m definitely a right shot. This of course lead to us hitting a ball back and forth with me awkwardly learning how to control a hockey stick that felt taller than me (I’m not sure it actually was). But I got the basic hang of it and realized that maybe me actually playing hockey someday isn’t as far fetched as I thought. I’d like to point out that it was the first time I’d really held a hockey stick. Ever.

As I said above, I had to head back home to Tennessee last week. My parents live in a town of about 15000 and we’re well enough away from Nashville that finding someone who likes hockey or can talk hockey is a rare thing indeed. Mom and I were at the local deli and paying for our meal when a man came up to me and asked if I was a Flyers fan. Took me a moment to realize I was wearing my Giroux shirt. I said yes of course. And the man leaned down and lifted the leg of his jeans to show me his calf where the Flyer logo was tattooed.

In Southeast TN, people. We chatted only for a second because Mom and I were in a hurry, but he lived in my town which is just nuts that he would like hockey and like my team. It was a nice surprise.

So what have we learned? I shoot from the right and even in small town Tennessee there are Flyers fans. Only a matter of time before we take over the world.