Somber, grateful

This seemed like a fitting image to bid farewell to one of our founding members

In 2010, when I decided to join the hockey blogging community, I had one specific purpose in mind.

I had no interest in becoming an “insider” (I’m not), nor did I care about making money (I lose money), nor did I think my opinion was more insightful or appealing than that of any other blogger (it’s not).

I started Flyers Faithful because I felt fortunate to know some incredibly intelligent and hilarious hockey fans and I wanted to provide them with a forum for their voices to be heard.

To start, their were four people whom I targeted as ideal partners in this hockey venture: Nina, Bob, Frick, and Teemu.

While I waited too long to ask Teemu (the infamous Euroflyers) and Broad Street Hockey (Good eye, Travis) beat me to the punch, I was ecstatic that Frick, Bob, and Nina agreed to be a part of the Flyers Faithful family.

Each of these founding members — as well as those who subsequently joined the site — helped to make this site what it is today. They voluntarily provided countless hours of contributions, invaluable insights, critical feedback, and positive reinforcement to keep moving the ball forward.

I am eternally grateful for everything that everyone has done and could not be more thrilled with the way Flyers Faithful has grown at a rate I never could have anticipated.

To the members of the family, I owe you the world and I am honored to consider each of you a friend.

But everything changes with time, no matter how much we try to prevent it.

I can certainly attest to this. In the past year, my situation changed drastically and I needed to scale back my involvement Flyers Faithful and leave the site in the incredibly capable hands of Kevin Christmann and the administrative team.

So, I can appreciate and understand when the same occurs to others, no matter how much I may not want that to be the case.

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that this morning’s Lulz post was Frick’s farewell salute.

She has been making me laugh since the first day I first began chatting with her (as well as Nina and Teemu) on the Flyers Message Board many years ago and I hope that, though she will no longer be contributing Lulz on a weekly basis, she will continue to make me and everyone else laugh for years to come.

Additionally, Bob, who has done more for this site than you can possibly imagine, is now in a position where he needs to take a step back from his responsibilities as well.

I am happy to say that Bob will still be writing for Flyers Faithful, although he will no longer serve as the site’s editor.

It takes a special kind of person to go through the tedious process of editing 1400+ articles. I know I could not do it. For that, I laud Bob.

Our family has grown to nearly 20 weekly contributors and I am very proud to have Marc Siciliano join us and Kim Pollock take on the duties of an administrator. Nevertheless, losing someone — in any capacity — is never easy.

Thank you, Bob, for all of the you time you spent editing articles and trying to keep our work as neat and professional as possible.

Frick, thank you for being with us from day one and for helping Flyers Faithful get off the ground.

Your contributions and dedication have not gone unnoticed and our door will always remain open for you.