Hockey Hilarity: Why?

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Friday funnies brought to you straight from hockey’s own players and media personnel. We’ll be mucking it up every week right here, examining puck ups, puns, tweets, and more!

In an age where just about everything and anything is taken out of context or an innuendo is even remotely implied, word choice has become all too important. With all of the CBA talk this week, it seemed appropriately inappropriate that this feature look at a real bad misstep by our northern neighbors’ hockey news headquarters: TSN.

Guess the NHL really is shooting for the moon with this year’s Bridgestone Winter Classic. Pull out? Really? That’s unacceptable as both a headline and as a birth control method. What about the children? But really, you’ve gotta be kidding me. Do people really not even bother to think anymore before they type something up or do they use obviously-ripe-for-parody-wording because they’re hoping someone catches it?

In all seriousness though, if the NHL saw fit to put it in the rental agreement, this pull out clause, for Michigan Stadium a.k.a. the Big House which is the biggest sports venue in North America, don’t you think a lockout was maybe even the tiniest bit closer to the forefront of the powers that be’s collective minds than they let on earlier in the year? You know, considering Gary Bettman announced the NHL’s most important annual regular season game (this year between the Original Six franchises the Detroit Red Wings and the Toronto Maple Leafs) in February and all? It’s kinda sad actually, even though we all know they had to as a plan-b type of scenario, it still has to sting a little bit for the fans.

Here’s the link to the story on TSN:

Anyway, next week there will be something else funny out there on the internet pertaining to hockey that we’ll look at and make fun of and you’ll laugh and we’ll all have a good time right here on Hockey Hilarity.