Waiting for hockey season is becoming intolerable. I was fine for the first couple months, really. Time to take a break from all the outpouring of emotions every game, including the half-excitement, half-bitterness that came with watching Los Angeles hoist the cup.

August seems to be when I get itchy for hockey. I think it has to do with the school year starting, so it feels like everything should be beginning. Bought new set of pencils? Check. Bought tickets for Flyers game? Check.

Of course this time, it’s even more intolerable because I’m holding off on getting tickets (Flyers are coming to Chicago this year) because of the big L word. Yeah, lockout. I wasn’t a fan when the lockout occurred several years ago, so I have no experience with this. The only thing that I can grasp is when the writers’ strike happened in Los Angeles several years ago (2007-08) and television seasons were about half the amount of episodes. That was tough, but at least there were a few episodes to tide my fan nature over. A lockout in the NHL means nada on hockey.

Just thinking about it nearly gives me anxiety.

To help myself get through these nerve-wracking weeks: I have attained my next book to review: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Philadelphia Flyers: Heart-pounding, Jaw-dropping, and Gut-wrenching Moments from Philadelphia Flyers History by Adam Kimelman.

I also received the latest issue of The Hockey News, which is the yearbook edition (lots of stats line the pages). And look who has his own article?

That was unexpected when I started to leaf through the pages. It’s about his hockey career and very, very Scott Hartnell. So you might want to pick up a copy and learn that supposedly the Vancouver Canucks will win the Stanley Cup next season, beating out the Pittsburgh Penguins in the final.  Oh, and the Flyers have a 12-1 chance of winning said trophy. I suppose there’s evidence for predictions, but I always go in with pure optimism.

It’s always the Flyers’ year.