The Young and the Restless

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Call me crazy, but I love what the Flyers are doing. With the exception of not signing Shea Weber, I’m very happy the Flyers did not sign Ryan Suter or Zach Parise. I’m content – no, I’m ecstatic that the Flyers have decided to use their excess money to lock up the core of their team.

The latest beneficiary of the Flyers’ decision to keep their money within their team was signing power forward Wayne Simmonds to a six-year, $23 million extension. The Flyers have once again paid a handsome fee for talent and potential.

As we’ve seen in the past few years, the Flyers like to extend their young talent to long-term, cap-friendly deals. This started with Mike Richards (12-years, $69 million) and went to Jeff Carter (11-years, $58 million) and James Van Reimsdyk (six years, $25.5 million). Soon, the Flyers will lock up Claude Giroux, though they’re unable to do so until next year, due to current rules in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

My only concern, which I stated to my podcast co-host Steve Jacot the other night on Facebook as he proclaimed that Wayne Simmonds was a “BAMF” after his extension was announced, was that the Wayne Train would soon be traded. It may sound like a joke, but there is a part of me that believes the Flyers will move Simmonds in a couple of years.

Regardless of my concern of a Simmonds trade, I find the Flyers doing exactly what successful teams do: building a team from the inside out. The Flyers have locked up two key cogs in Simmonds and Jakub Voracek (four years, $17 million). Soon, an extension for Scott Hartnell will be coming, as well as the aforementioned Giroux extension.

The Flyers are letting their team grow together and then adding depth pieces, rather than overhauling their roster. Such a move can be seen from the Flyers’ refusal to trade young forwards Sean Couturier and Brayden Schenn.

Although no “big” play has been made by the Flyers, the biggest move the organization has made was not blowing up their team. Surely, come the trade deadline, a trade could be made, but, until then, let’s just keep on truckin’.