Hockey Hilarity: Nice Hands

Thanks to Film Junk

Friday funnies brought to you straight from hockey’s own players and media personnel. We’ll be mucking it up every week right here, examining puck ups, puns, tweets, and more!

This week’s hockey hilarity is just your basic puck up on Twitter courtesy of one silky smooth stickhandler, but not-so-terrific-Tweeter Jordan Eberle of the Edmonton Oilers.

Here’s the original tweet that I’m positive Mr. Eberle meant to send:

Who was he planning to address? What was he going to say? Was it something important? Was it a profound, life-altering statement? Was it the secret of the universe? The meaning of life? Or was he just reaching out to everyone?

So many questions, so few words left in this post… Well, being as that Eberle is a hockey player, it’s kind of a given that he’s going be a pretty easy-going-self-deprecator, so naturally he followed with:

The world may never know what great philosophical advice or existential postulation Jordan Eberle had to share in those remaining 139 characters, or even who he was planning on sending it to, but at least he’s a down to earth dude, and for that, Flyers Faithful salutes him. Oh, and in case you were unsure about who Jordan Eberle is, check out his first ever NHL goal (which was a short-handed goal no less) here:

Next week we’ll have something much funnier and hopefully Philadelphia Flyers related right here on Hockey Hilarity.