It Never Ends

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Dear Hockey-dom,

Students arrived back at school this week. And among those students, is the Toronto Maple Leafs fan. I’ve mentioned him before because he does seem to provide a fair amount of story fodder.

Two seconds in seeing him again, he says, “Flyers suck.”

If I was a jerk, I would remind him of his team and the lack of playoffs lately for them. But I am his teacher and I’d like to think a very nice person, so I don’t.

Same kind of thing the second day (via the chat function on Google docs. The joys of being a tech school). I just rolled my eyes and he stopped. Why, after many decades of not being the Broad Street Bullies, do people still feel the need to put down the Flyers?

Does this kid know more about hockey than I? Yes, he plays and he’s been a fan longer than I, but with such a simple, unsupported position, it’s even hard to find his opinions credible even regarding when he says there will be no lockout. You can argue that he’s a kid and therefore, I shouldn’t be surprised by his attitude, but there are adult hockey (non-Flyer fans) like this.

Flyers = bad. Other teams = okay. My team = phenomenal.

I do not understand the simple-minded hatred for other teams.

I suppose his comments do liven up the discussions we’ve been having about The Scarlet Letter.


A tired and annoyed Flyers fan.