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Master of the Classics

Image by Dave’s Geeky Hockey

Dave Delisle runs two fantastic websites, Dave’s Geeky Ideas and Dave’s Geeky Hockey.  On these sites, he takes the geeky ideas in his head and turns them into visible concepts, and, in some cases, reality. I asked Dave a few questions about his websites, hockey video games, and hockey in general.

What idea was the inspiration for Dave’s Geeky Ideas?

I just really enjoyed creating and felt I had enough enthusiasm to warrant an ongoing blog. Prior to that, I was submitting a lot of ideas at work (a video game studio) and design websites. Tired of seeing ideas fall by the wayside, I thought I’d share them in an outlet that wasn’t determined by anyone else. The tried-and-true screw you I’ll do this myself approach.

I love the idea of a Lego hockey game, and your Lego Alexander Ovechkin is fantastic. How can we make this happen?

It’s very tough because sports games are best suited to consoles and handhelds, and those are overseen by the platform makers (Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony). So to get such a title made you’d have to align a willing publisher (likely Warner Brothers), the LEGO group, and the NHL/NHLPA because it’s a AAA-caliber game. Unfortunately, it’s a lot of licensing for what is considered a marginal video game sport (which is why you don’t see hockey games on Nintendo or Sony handhelds)

All the licensing makes it cost-prohibitive to do a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, unfortunately.

If it were up to me, I’d enlist 2K Sports to make LEGO Hockey games. They stopped making NHL2K games a few years back. A LEGO-centric game wouldn’t have to compete directly with EA’s NHL sim.

I’m sure a bunch of guys can get together and make a small PC game that is distributed for free, but sports games don’t do so well on P, so few are made these days.

A vocal fan movement might help, but honestly it’s an uphill battle.

Dave’s Geeky Hockey is all about the awesome geeky hockey jerseys that you design (and sometimes make!). I’m a big fan of the Ghostbusters and Legend of Zelda jerseys. What’s your favorite design that you’ve made?

The first one for the Winterfell Direwolves (Game of Thrones). That’s what got me started, and much of the blame must lie with that design.

Is there anything you’re working on now that you’re excited about, or is that information all top secret?

Some stuff I can’t talk about just yet! But yes, lots of behind-the-scenes wheeling and dealing.

Do you follow the NHL regularly or more casually? Who is your favorite player to follow in today’s NHL?

I’m an avid fan of the Calgary Flames, something that doesn’t go over well in my home of Vancouver. It’s a toss up between Crosby and Stamkos currently.

Who is your favorite hockey player(s) of all time and why him?

Mario Lemieux easily. When he came back from retirement during the ‘dead puck era’, he dominated. He’s the Bobby Orr of our generation – greatness cut short by injury. I imagine you Flyers fans have a different opinion.

What are a few of your favorite hockey jerseys of all time and why?

80’s Flames jerseys, just a personal bias. I have an unorthodox list of favorite jerseys: A teal alternate (bottom right) worn by the Mighty Ducks – loved the logo, and this jersey complimented it perfectly. The red 90’s Canucks alternate is quite cool and again revolved around the logo. Anything from the 21-team era – that was a perfect-looking NHL.

What is the best hockey video game ever made and why?

A very tough question. I’m an NHL ‘94 fan through and through, and continue to play it to this day, albeit for nostalgia. The best hockey video game in terms of a fun experience would be NHL ‘08 – a nice mix of arcade and simulation, and should best be enjoyed with 5 friends for the local 3-on-3 multiplayer mode – a blast to play.

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