Friends in High Places

One of the cool things about living not in the South is that I run into more people who care about hockey. Sure, it’s still a small number when you compare it to football, but at least here, I can have a decent conversation about the NHL once a week or so.

The man who does the marketing at the school I teach at used to work in journalism for the  Columbus Blue Jackets. He was a public relations assistant that helped launch the team in fact. He’s a wealth of information about the ins and outs of that side of hockey. When I mentioned that I wanted to write in the hockey world, he immediately steered me toward sticking with the AHL or so because according to him, those are where the better stories are. He’s also one of the few people around that doesn’t seem overly swayed by team loyalty, thus ensuing a much better debate about the hockey season.

He told me recently that someone over at the Rockford IceHogs (Blackhawks farm team) asked him to be time keeper this season. And he wanted to, but couldn’t with the schedule he already has. I wanted to offer, but realized I don’t know jack about any of that and my schedule is just as full, but I’m hoping, maybe, I can find myself getting the option to sit with the time keeper during a game.

Well, I’m crossing my fingers, anyway.