Dazzlers and Duds: Forsberg v. LeClair and Jones v. Modry

Image courtesy of NHL Snipers

Image courtesy of NHL Snipers

Several weeks back, we asked our beloved Twitter followers who were their most loved and hated Flyers of the past decade. It led to some great names and some great discussion. Well it got us thinking. In the doldrums that is August in the hockey world — not to mention the impending doom of a lockout —  we decided to put together a tournament; poll style!

We’ve compiled the responses for both the Loved and Hated categories, and seeded them according to our whims and wishes. What you see before you is the result of our efforts. While we may not necessarily agree with some of the nominations, the people have spoken!

Over three weeks, beginning on Monday September 3rd, we will determine who is the most loved and the most hated Flyer of the past decade.

Each weekday we will post a new poll, containing one match-up for each bracket, both the Loved and the Hated. That poll will remain open until midnight of the same day — or, frankly, whenever we decide to tally the votes — where we will note the winners, and announce them the following day, along with the next day’s match-ups.

Ranting and raving about your love and/or hatred for the given players, is not only allowed, it is encouraged. I, for one, am excited to see the results for some of the more polarizing Flyers!


Last Friday’s results:
Keith Primeau took down Sami Kapanen by a small margin, and Asham defeated Leighton by a mere three votes.

Today’s candidates: (Note: the authors of the write-ups below are not the individuals that nominated the player.)

Peter Forsberg:
write-up courtesy of Dain S

Even though ” Foppa” was only a Flyer for less than 2 seasons, his short time as captain was a treat for us, getting to see the future hall of famer up close and personal. Forsberg was at the end of his effectiveness as a Flyer, showcasing the skills that had made him the best hockey player in the world for many years. In a way, trading Forsberg to Nashville ushered in the current wave of Flyers success, allowing the team to make over the roster and become a Stanley Cup contender, so you have to love Foppa just for that reason alone.

John LeClair:
write-up courtesy of Estebomb

John LeClair was often known as Johnny Vermont for his maple syrup roots, but I like to think of him as The Brick Wall. When that man stood in front of the net, he was immoveable. John LeClair was a master of occupying the crease. Beyond that, LeClair has one of the most wicked slap shots I’ve ever seen from a Flyer. Most of the time, I expected the puck to explode out of the back of the net after coming off of Mr. Vermont’s stick.

#10 was well beyond his 40+ goal a year days by the time we could define last decade for this tournament, but he was still a beloved Flyer who put up 25, 18, and 23 goals in his last three seasons here. Not too shabby by any means. But more importantly, he’s just John LeClair. He was a well-respected leader on those teams and he’s an all-time great Flyer.

Who is the more loved Flyer of the past decade, Forsberg or LeClair?

  • John LeClair (105%, 64 Votes)
  • Peter Forsberg (0%, 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 61

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Randy Jones:
write-up courtesy of Marcello De Feo

Some hockey players are invaluable for doing everything equally well without doing anything exceptionally well. Randy Jones somehow manages to straddle the other side of this line. He’s not overly terrible at anything but he does everything at an equally subpar level. Many fans came to know him as the human traffic cone. On one particular hockey forum, the name “Randy Jones” would automatically be replaced with the image of pylon when typed.

When Jones signed a two-year contract extension in 2008, he became the victim of his own financial windfall. At a cap hit of $2.75 million, Jones was clearly overpaid — to put it in perspective, his next contract paid him $1 million — and, consequentially, overly scrutinized. Every mistake he made occurred under a gigantic magnifying glass.

Jones could not even escape Philadelphia without unintentionally being a financial burden to the Flyers. The Kings claimed Jones off of re-entry waivers in October of 2009, leaving the Flyers to carry half of his cap hit for the entire season, without a third-pairing defenseman to show for it.

Jaroslav Modry:
He was supposed to be a nice piece to add to the puzzle after the Flyers acquired him for a 3rd round pick near the trade deadline. He then managed to go -11 in 19 regular season games, and another -6 in 9 playoff games. Yea, it was a pretty minor acquisition, and a short stint, but he certainly didn’t play well in his time here.

Who is the more hated Flyer of the past decade, Jones or Modry?

  • Randy Jones (75%, 39 Votes)
  • Jaroslav Modry (25%, 14 Votes)

Total Voters: 52

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  • M.C. Philly

    I get to see Jones all the time here in Winnipeg. And what an epic piece of stink he is. pee-yew. Good on the Flyers for finally unloading that mess.

    • http://www.flyersfaithful.com/ Kevin Christmann

      Agreed, he was hard to like. Although he was responsible for my favorite frequent broadcasting phrase. Anytime Jones shot and you heard “Jones SHOT” (naturally with hopeful anticipation of a goal or at least a chance) it was so frequently followed by “…blocked.”

      Jones SHOT…blocked.
      Jones SHOT…blocked

      • http://flyersfaithful.com Marcello

        Ah, crap. I promised you I’d put that in my recap and I forgot.

  • http://www.facebook.com/vaughanpiccolo Vaughan Piccolo

    The goal John LeClair scored in the alumni game pretty much cements him in as teh winner.

  • http://twitter.com/GeoffDetweiler Geoff Detweiler

    Randy Jones was so terrible, in the 2007 playoffs I actually thought Ryan Parent was going to be good, because he was better than Jones.

    That’s why I hate Jones.

    • http://twitter.com/DownGoesSpezza Down Goes Spezza

      2007 playoffs?

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  • Tank

    LeClair with 105% of the vote. Way it should be