We’re just about 37 hours away from having to face a bummer of a reality — no hockey, at least not anytime soon. It’s been a summer of waiting, hoping, praying that the NHLPA and the league would reach a new CBA and the season would start on time, but it’s not happening.

There should be training camp going on now, preseason games that get the fans hyped up for the real deal. But, nope. The players are home, or they’re in NHLPA meetings, and when the fans turn on the TV to catch a game, they’ll only be met with a bevy of viewing options, none of which are what they wish they could see.

It sucks. There’s no better way to put it than that.

There has been some talk about the fans’ role/reaction in this whole debacle. Darren Rovell wrote an article about how it’s the hardcore fans’ fault that the lockout will happen. In summary, he said that the league knows that the hardcore fans will always come back, and that they’ll keep getting away with these lockouts because of it.

I really hate to say it, but Rovell has a point. Obviously, it’s not the fault of the fans. But the hardcore fans WILL return when the NHL does. They love the game of hockey too much to stay away from it for too long.

That’s why I can’t understand people saying that they’ll boycott hockey if there is a lockout. Really? I’m bothered by the fact that the season won’t start on time, if at all, but when it comes back? I’ll be there. I would think that if someone loved hockey so much that the idea of a lockout infuriated them, they’d be jumping for joy upon its return. I know I will be.

Maybe that makes me a sucker, and that’s fine. I’ll wear that badge proudly.

It sucks that we won’t get to watch our favorite players take the ice to play our favorite game. The next few months are going to feel somewhat empty, as the lack of hockey will create a void. But when it comes back? We’ll be there. Because we’re hockey fans, and we always will be. We might be suckers, but that’s only because of our love of the game.

  • Brendan O’Malley

    I’ll be the first to admit I can’t stay away… but no games on TV means that I will be spending much more time supporting the Ducks up and comers down here on the Norfolk Admirals.

    • Kimberly Pollock

      That’s right, they’re much closer to you now! I wish the Phantoms were still in Philly, but maybe I can hitchhike a ride to Glens Falls for a few games.