Around the Net 09.18.2012

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Welcome to Around the Net, a weekly look through linkage at the Philadelphia Flyers and other news from around the NHL.

Go east, young man

Well, the NHL lockout is upon us and Jake Voracek is going to the KHL, as is Ruslan Fedotenko:[] [Hockeybuzz]

Well, the AHL is still playing,right?

If only Glens Falls was closer:[CSN Philly] [] [The Hockey News]

First Bank of the Philadelphia Flyers

You will get interest for your money if you let the Flyers hold on to your ticket money:[CSN Philly]

If you are a Minnesota Wild fan, you can get rich on the lockout:[The Hockey News]

Replacement players?

Out of Toronto, the unthinkable is brought up:[Toronto Sun]

That’s all for this week, join me next week for more links from around the web on the Flyers and the NHL.