The NHL’s Day of Atonement

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In case you missed it, the Jewish Holiday Yom Kippur passed on Tuesday night. As many of you know, I am Jewish. On Yom Kippur, my fellow Jews and I sit in synagogue, fast, and pray for atonement for our sins for the past year. Furthermore, we, as a people and individually need to apologize to those we have hurt.

Yom Kippur got me thinking not just about who I may have caused harm to (namely my fantastic editor Kim Pollock with the random times I e-mail her my weekly piece), but what I would be apologizing for if I were an NHL superstar or front office executive.

Let’s take a shot around the league to see what some of the NHL’s best had to say…*

Claude Giroux: Losing my cool and getting suspended for Game 5 vs the Devils.

Scott Hartnell: Falling so much.

Bobby Clarke: Not welcoming back Eric Lindros sooner.

Paul Holmgren: Not writing Shea Weber a bigger check.

Wayne Simmonds: Concussing Giroux.

The Schenn Brothers – Not having a bigger family than the Staals.

Nic Grossmann – Letting people misspell my name and not reaping the benefits.

Chris Pronger – Fargle Bargle (h/t ZooWithRoy).

JVR – Not getting surgery.

Sidney Crosby: Being me.

Alex Ovechkin – Signing long-term in Washington.

Donald Fehr – Letting the NHLPA believe I could lead them successfully.

Dan Carcillo – Can I say everything?

Gary Bettman – No answer provided.

So there you have it, my friends. Some of the NHL’s best have exclusively given me their answers as to what they would atone for.

*These are fictional answers… or are they?