CBA 101: What is Hockey Related Revenue (HRR)?

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Last week I was inspired by one of the team names at our Second Annual Flyers Pub Quiz. Perhaps it’s the Collective Bargaining Agreement geek in me, but it was my favorite team name of the night; “WTF is Hockey Related Revenue?”. So I thought I’d touch on defining HRR per the last CBA for those people that may be unaware.

The definition of HRR, and what is and isn’t included, has been one of the biggest discussion topics during the CBA negotiations thus far. Recently the NHL and NHLPA came to an agreement to maintain the current definition of HRR.

As defined in Section 50.1(a):

“Hockey Related Revenues” or “HRR” for each League Year means the operating revenues, including Barter (as defined below), from all sources, whether known or unknown, whether now in existence or created in the future, as expressly set forth in this Section 50.1(a), of each Club or the League, for or with respect to that League Year, as expressly set forth in this Section 50.1(a), on an accrual basis, derived or earned from, relating to or arising directly or indirectly out of the playing of NHL hockey games or NHL-related events in which current NHL Players participate or in which current NHL Players’ names and likenesses are used, by each such Club or the League, or attributable directly to the Club or the League from a Club Affiliated Entity or League Affiliated Entity, as expressly set forth herein, and is subject to any inclusions or exclusions as expressly set forth in the Article 50.


Section 50.1(i):

HRR shall include the following non-exhaustive list of revenues:

(A) NHL Regular Season & Playoff Gate Receipts

(B) Pre-season Games

(C) Special Games (e.g. Internation Exhibition Games)

(D) NHL National, International, and National Digitial Broadcasts

(E) NHL Networks

(F) Local Cable Television Broadcasts

(G) Local Over-the-Air Television Broadcasts

(H) Local Pay-Per-View, Satellite and other Broadcasts

(I) Local Radio Broadcasts

(J) Club Internet

(K) Publications

(L) In-Arena Novelty Sales

(M) Non-Arena Novelty Sales

(N) Concessions

(O) Luxury Boxes/Suites

(P) Club/Premium Seats

(Q) Fixed Signage and Arena Sponsorships

(R) Temporary Signage and Club Sponsorships

(S) Dasherboards

(T) Parking

(U) Other Revenue [such as club or league sponsored events]