Allow me to reintroduce myself

Every time I think I’m out, they pull me back in.

When I left The Post-Star of Glens Falls in September after nearly six years to return home to Philadelphia, I thought my days of writing about the Phantoms were over. Honestly, I wanted it that way.

I’d been covering the Phantoms as a full-time beat for three years, and had been writing about the saga of the AHL’s return to Glens Falls for even longer. The stories seemed to be stuck on repeat: the team was never any good, the city always on the cusp of losing hockey for good, Allentown a perpetually teasing dot bobbing on the horizon.

Even the carrot of the lockout’s solo stage — I have a real knack for timing — couldn’t move me to stay.

I’d had enough. Or so I thought. When Marcello approached me about the idea of contributing to this site, I realized that there were still people and places I was too invested in to let go. And if I’m following them, I might as well be writing about them.

I have no interest in returning to the day-to-day grind of the beat. For the best on-the-ground coverage, you can’t beat reading The Post-Star’s blog and following their new beat writer, Diana C. Nearhos, on Twitter. That’s where you’ll get all your breaking news, injury reports and game recaps.

But I believe I can use my experience to add some context and offer an opinion here and there. The plan is to write every Friday, at least until I feel I’ve gotten too far away from the team to have anything fresh to say, or until I’ve found a full-time gig. There’s no substitute for being there every day and talking to the guys, and as a reporter at heart, I’m not going to fake insight I don’t have.

Fair warning, though. I’m as much interested in whether Glens Falls can sustain an AHL team as I am whether Jason Akeson is going to develop a two-way game. I’m more interested in debating whether the Flyers have an obligation to field a competitive AHL team — something they haven’t in a long time — than cooing over some 19-year-old kid’s “silky mitts.” (Really guys, can we retire that one?) And even though the name of this site is “Flyers Faithful,” I’m not a fan, and I’m probably still going to get under the skin of your favorite franchise once in a while.

I hope you all stick around anyway. The thing I’ve missed most about blogging is the community we had. I’m looking forward to hearing from my old friends from The Post-Star days and meeting some new ones here. It’s no fun if you aren’t commenting. So please email me at with any suggestions or just to talk.

Thanks for having me. I’ll see you Friday.

– Tim

  • Teemu H

    Nice to see you here, Tim. Looking forward to your posts.

  • Bill Toscano

    Excellent, Tim.

    Looking forward to it.