Forgive But Don’t Forget

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Seriously, enough is enough. I’m tired of reading about the lockout. I’m tired of reading about proposals. I’m tired of reading who is at fault. Just knock it off already.

The worst thing that the NHLPA could have done was hire Donald Fehr. Did they not see what he did to baseball when he led the MLBPA? Mr. Fehr is known for his strikes.

The worst thing Gary Bettman could have done is not resign, period. This is Bettman’s third work stoppage, and it pains me to attack Bettman, because he is my brother (fraternal, not blood). But, Mr. Bettman has taken his cause of salary rollbacks and trying to hoard more cash for his 30 bosses through other means too far.

I honestly don’t know what to do with myself at this point. Last week, Steve and I were on the “All The Kings Men” podcast, which is a podcast for the “defending” Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings (Listen here) and we were asked what we are doing to bide our time. I didn’t have an answer. I told them that I play hockey and watch the Mighty Ducks movies. I’m frustrated and I’m mad.

The way I see it, is that both sides are greedy (I know. Thanks, Captain Obvious). If the players really wanted to play, and the owners really wanted to see hockey, they both sides would stop playing games and settle their differences. The NHL and NHLPA have had plenty of time to come to a resolution. Hell, they saw what unfolded with the NFL and NBA work stoppages last year, but they refused to make a concerted effort to avoid this situation.

To me, hockey wont be the same when it comes back, and I truly believe hockey will be back this year. As a season ticket holder, (Sam Carchidi may be interested to know) I won’t be giving up my tickets, but unlike a certain segment of the faithful, I won’t be forgetting what the NHL has put us fans through.

When I watch the Flyers, I’ll think of the greed of the players and the greed of the owners. I won’t think of the good that both sides have done…at least, not right away.

When it comes down to it, I love hockey. I’ll always love hockey. But like baseball in that vortex of emptiness from 1994 and ’95, it will take some time to win my heart back — hopefully not on the strength of increased offense due to steroid use.

Because, like a scorned lover who aches when done wrong but who cannot bear to leave, I can forgive, but I won’t forget.