CBA 101: Mailbag questions while you’re stuck inside

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Is anyone reading this? Does anyone have power? Is the world over? Hurricane Sandy is here after all, and we are quickly approaching the end of the world on December 21, 2012.

If you didn’t see our Tim McManus’ article last week on mailbags, you should definitely check it out. With that said, it’s time for some mailbag questions of my own!

From reader Mike Tomon, “Why do I see a cap hit of $100,000 for Oskars Bartulis for the Flyers?”.

This is good question Mike, and one I expect other fans will wonder if/when we ever have hockey again and people start taking closer looks at the Flyers cap situation. The simple, answer to the question is that Bartulis was bought out. I actually wrote an earlier CBA 101 article on this topic.

In short, the Flyers bought out the remaining year of Bartulis’ contract. When bought out, Bartulis is entitled to 1/3 of his remaining money, over twice the length of his contract. He was owed $600k for the last year. So when he was bought out, the Flyers take a cap hit of $100k for the next two years.

From reader Mark Helmuth: “I thought teams could only have 50 players under contract; why do I see 51 players listed on the reserve list?“.

Mark, you are correct that NHL teams can only 50 players on their reserve list. However, some contracts are what is known as a “slide contract: and don’t count towards the 50 contract limit. I also wrote an earlier CBA 101 article on this topic as well.

If an 18 or 19 year old player signs their entry-level contract, and they do not play 10 or more NHL games, their contract “slides” when they return to Juniors. Currently Scott Laughton, Nick Cousins, and Derek Mathers all “slide”.