Movember Madness!

Now that’s a fine mustache!

November 1st signifies a few different things: the 305th day of the year, Lyle Lovett’s birthday (!!!), the anniversary of Magellan’s discovery of the Strait of Magellan (can you tell I’ve been on Wikipedia?), and, of course, the start of “Movember.”

Movember is a charity event held throughout the month of November, in which men sprout mustaches for the sake of raising awareness and money for men’s health issues, namely testicular and prostate cancer.

The NHL has been an ally of the Movember movement since 2010, where players began to grow mustaches in support of the cause. It’s a prelude to the playoff beard, and an homage to players of years past (namely, the 70s).

Since the NHL began taking part in Movember, the Flyers have been active. And even though there is no season at the moment, numerous players have already stated that they’ll be participating in Movember this time around. Because, of course, it’s more than just a hockey thing; it’s a national thing.

Unfortunately, the lockout will put a damper on the funds raised by the league. Less visibility means less awareness, and even though players will still get involved, it won’t be as big a movement as it usually is. Thankfully, the AHL is rumored to be heavily involved in Movember this year, which will make up for some of the losses from the NHL.

Men, if you’re interested in participating in Movember, visit the Movember US website and register. You can also learn more about the cause, hear from other participants, and make donations at the website. And ladies, just because you can’t participate yourselves doesn’t mean that you can’t support. Donate, spread the word, and push the men in your life to take part in this awesome cause.

Flyers Faithful is taking part in Movember this year! Please visit our team page here, donate, and spread the word!