What Are You Thankful For?

In a few hours, it’s officially Thanksgiving Eve (for those of you who aren’t working that is – everyone else throw your coffee in the air). Now is when we’re supposed to take the time to acknowledge what truly makes us happy. So when it comes to Flyers hockey, even though there isn’t much going on at ice level there is still one obvious question – what are you most thankful for?

The beauty of something like this when it comes to the Flyers is that there are so many things that come rushing to your mind, like saliva to the mouth on that third Thursday upon first whiff (if you’re lucky enough to avoid a visit from the hangover fairy). From start to finish, there is a lot that shaped what this organization today.

Off the top of my head, here is what I can think of:

Claude Giroux

He can tell you all about effort.. c/o sbnation.com

First and foremost, I am most thankful for the effort. From top to bottom, you can almost always count on getting 100% from everyone that represents the organization. It is represented on the ice; usually with a layer of grit that it seems only Philly truly knows how to appreciate, but with the added twist of skill. It’s represented in the front office, with a shrewdness that sometimes might leave some to be desired. A lack of effort isn’t tolerated for very long, the product of an environment that prides itself on success through hard work.

They may not have gotten the cups they would have liked, but there is a reason this team has one of the highest winning percentages in the league since its inception. Effort is rewarded.

They wouldn’t be the Flyers if it weren’t for the fans, and I am equally & incredibly thankful for all of you. You want to talk about effort? You’re reading this right now on a Flyers blog in the midst of a yet another lockout. Without a team, we’re left to simply speculate about what could be. Everyone keeps saying it’s easy to turn to other forms of the sport, but sometimes it just isn’t hockey if it isn’t Flyers hockey.

PIT @ PHI 2012 Game 6

Game 6, 2012 ECQF. Euphoria.

When the season is in full effect, you can bet we the fans are too. When it comes to the playoffs? Fahgehtahboutitt! The Orange Crush in Game 6 against Pittsburgh was one of the most incredible nights of my life. There is a reason I’m still seeing all kinds of #Flyers talk on my twitter feed – it’s every single one of you. We are one of the greatest fan bases in the world – pat yourselves on the damn backs.

On a smaller scale (literally), I’m thankful the Flyers took a risk. Coming out of the last lockout, the rules were changed and the Flyers of all people realized that smaller sized players might get a chance to succeed. The result is little Claude Giroux, the guy many thought the Flyers reached for with the 22nd pick in 2006. Now one of the greatest players in the world, the ‘reach’ is only stretching for hardware.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, but it represents the root of my passion for the organization. On this Thanksgiving, what are you thankful for Flyers fans?

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