The Third Day of Claudemas: The Power of Three

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Here we are in December with little to do in this tough lockout time. What’s a blog to do? Well, it looks like a 12 Days of Christmas-themed series of posts is the way to go. But, we realize that all of you hockey fans aren’t into Christmas, so we’ve named it after the man nicknamed Orange Jesus and called it Claudemas.

On the third day of Claudemas, Flyers Faithful gave to me…some musings on the number three and it’s connection to the Flyers from Marcello!

To quote both Schoolhouse Rock and De La Soul, three is the magic number. It’s the number that signifies the amount of times the National Hockey League locked out its players — all three occurring on Gary Bettman’s watch. It is the Ghost of Christmas Past, reminding us of the dark days of the 2004-2005 lockout; it’s the Ghost of Christmas Present, revealing to us the dark underbelly of what many consider to be the most down-to-earth sport and athletes on earth; it’s the Ghost of Christmas Future, foreshadowing the death knell of the NHL.

It could also be the amount of days the league has left before announcing the cancelation of the 2012-2013 season.

Day 3 of Claudemas is a curmudgeon. Bah humbug and good riddance.*

…Wait, what is this? That wasn’t the real Ghost of Christmas Past? Jeremy Jacobs had him pinned down and all but out for the count until he broke free and sprung back up to life like Hulk Hogan?

So, where is the real Ghost of Christmas Past?

Oooohhh yeah, brother!There he is.

Down three games to none against the Boston Bruins in the 2010 Conference Semifinals. Down but not out, the Flyers made the improbable comeback, winning four straight to move on and knock out the Bruins, including a 0-3 comeback in the do-or-die Game 7. Three really is the magic number.