On community, giving

Today is a difficult day. Nobody will deny that.

Tomorrow, we will try to do good to help the victims of Superstorm Sandy by raising some money in a charity ice hockey game. It’s a small gesture but it shows that people do care and want to help.

That gesture was furthered today when numerous people mentioned that they wanted to do something to honor the victims of today’s unspeakable tragedy in Connecticut.

We will do something. We will honor their memory with a moment of silence and, if someone is able and willing to sing, an anthem.

In due time, we will do more. We will hold another fundraiser — likely another ice hockey game — to raise some money for the affected families. No matter how much we raise, it will never be enough to heal the pain they feel but that will not be our intent. Our intention is to come together as a community and let them know that we are here, we care, and we will do what we can to help.