Hurricane Sandy Ice Hockey Game Fundraiser Videos and Podcasts

First and foremost, a huge and humble thank you to everyone who came out for this event. We had a great time in Voorhees watching Team Sandy Blows defeat Team Hockeybuzz 13-4. We couldn’t do these events without the support of our readers, and all of you are fantastic. Below you can find the podcasts and videos that were recorded during the tournament. Additionally, if you have any videos or photos from today that you would like to share, please contact us and we will be glad to add them to the collection.

Sandy Relief Ice Hockey Tournament Part 1

Sandy Relief Ice Hockey Tournament Part 2

Sandy Relief Ice Hockey Tournament Postgame

A big thank you to Geoff Mang, Alex Reardon, Dave Isaac, Dustin Leed, and Eklund for joining us on our postgame interviews!

  • Torque Lewith

    So the unnamed player in Video 2…that was me. Apparently there was some confusion. I was supposed to be on Team Leed/Isaac (at least according to here), but a jersey was made for me for the Eklund team instead…dunno what happened there

    • Marcello

      Sorry for that. I don’t know what happened either. Because of the tight timeline, the jerseys went straight to the printer and weren’t ready until Friday afternoon.

      • Torque Lewith

        It’s all good haha

  • @gru33

    Haha, could’ve attempted my last name but “Adam G” is close enough. Had a solid time and would definitely sign up to play again.