The Eighth Day of Claudemas: Eight furious fights

Image via Sports Illustrated

Here we are in December with little to do in this tough lockout time. What’s a blog to do? Well, it looks like a 12 Days of Christmas-themed series of posts is the way to go. But, we realize that all of you hockey fans aren’t into Christmas, so we’ve named it after the man nicknamed Orange Jesus and called it Claudemas.

On the eighth day of Claudemas, Flyers Faithful gave to me…eight of the best fights (that we could find on YouTube) in honor of the Flyers’ famous number eight, Dave Schultz! A big stick tap to for a number of these videos.

Flyers vs Penguins: 1989 Fight Night
We’ll start things off with this video from the 1989 Patrick Division Finals that shows that the Flyers and Penguins hated each other long before Sidney Crosby ever put on a Black and Yellow jersey. Naturally, the fights and nastiness in this game originate from none other than # 27 himself, Ron Hextall:

Garth Snow vs. Steve Shields

What would a compilation of brawls be without a right proper goalie fight? Things got a little tense between the Flyers and Sabres in the late 90s, especially during Game 1 of the 1997 Eastern Conference Semifinals in Buffalo:

Dan Carcillo vs Marian Gaborik

For some reason the bad blood between the Rangers and Flyers dictated that Marian Gaborik ended up fighting Dan Carcillo. Well, it really wasn’t much of a fight. Carcillo pummeled Gaborik and then wryly smiled about when asked about the incident postgame. Oh, Carbomb…

Eric Lindros vs. Matthew Barnaby
From February of 1996: “And now Lindros reaches out and kicks the lights out from underneath Barnaby!”

Flyers-Penguins 2012
Meaningless game at the end of the regular season? Not to the Flyers and Pens! The two highlights of this battle on April Fools’ Day in Pittsburgh are the near fight between Flyers coach Peter Laviolette and Penguins assistant coach Tony Granato and the beginning of Hartnellmania. Ooohhh yeahhhh brother!

Ron Hextall takes a blocker to Chris Chelios
Hextall is famous for his temper. He was just as likely to make a save as he was to chop at your shins with his stick. The incident with Chris Chelios from the final moments in Game 6 of the 1989 Wales Conference Finals below might be his most (in)famous moment in this regard. Hextall flies at Chelios Superman style, and all hell breaks loose between the Flyers and Canadiens. Payback for Chelios’ Game 1 elbow on Brian Propp.

Flyers-Senators Brawl
Maybe the Senators were just mad that the Flyers were wearing the worst jerseys in the history of the team? Regardless, the fighting is non-stop at the end of this memorable March 5, 2004 game which eventually led to new rules once the NHL returned for the 2005-06 season.

Hammer vs. Tiger
This post simply had to end with a video of Schultz himself. In this incident, Schultz took on the legendary Dave “Tiger” Williams at Maple Leaf Gardens. Also, at one point Schultz did this, which cracked me up. Philadelphia and Toronto met in the playoffs in 1975, 76 and 77, leading to some incidents still talked about in team lore.

Bless your heart, Hammer.