Homer’s Do’s and Doh’s Finals Results

Paul Holmgren became the interim General Manager of the Philadelphia Flyers on October 22, 2006. That interim title was removed only weeks later on November 11. Holmgren was able to take a team that finished last in the National Hockey League, and rebuild it to make a deep run all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals the very next season.

Yes, some of Holmgren’s moves have been amazing, but he’s also a guy who has gotten this organization into some hot water with the salary cap and was forced to make deals that were head scratchers to say the least.

If you enjoyed our Dazzlers and Duds polltastic tournament feature, we’ve got another one all lined up for you. Flyers Faithful proudly presents Homer’s Do’s and Doh’s: Our Favorite and Least Favorite Deals Under Paul Holmgren.

Starting Monday, November 19, there will be a single bracket with 32 trades, signings, and waiver-wire claims and losses, to determine exactly which deal everyone thinks is Holmgren’s best so far, his less than favorable so far, and whether the good outweighs the bad or vice-versa.

I don’t think anyone can deny that it’s been a real entertaining and exciting time in Flyers history with Holmgren at the helm. That’s a fact. But is Holmgren the king of exchange swinging, or does his penchant for quick fixes get him into more trouble than he’s worth?

After three weeks, and some incredibly intense, dramatic, and unbelievable matchups, we have a winner for our Homer’s Do’s and Doh’s crown. Although quite a few people felt quite strongly that the trade that saw Simon Gagne go to the Tampa Bay Lightning for Matt Walker and a 2011 fourth round pick was an all-around bad enough deal to send it to the finals, the Jeff Carter transaction that netted the Flyers Jakub Voracek, the eighth overall selection (which ended up being Sean Couturier) and a third round pick (which ended up being Nick Cousins) in the 2011 draft from the Columbus Blue Jackets has been crowned the winner.

On behalf of all of us at Flyers Faithful, I’d really like to thank everyone for participating in our poll tournament. It was a ton of fun, and tomorrow we will have a follow up piece showing some of the results in greater detail.

Homer Do’s and Doh’s Excel