Homer’s Do’s and Doh’s: A Closer Look

Paul Holmgren became the interim General Manager of the Philadelphia Flyers on October 22, 2006. That interim title was removed only weeks later on November 11. Holmgren was able to take a team that finished last in the National Hockey League, and rebuild it to make a deep run all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals the very next season.

Yes, some of Holmgren’s moves have been amazing, but he’s also a guy who has gotten this organization into some hot water with the salary cap and was forced to make deals that were head scratchers to say the least.

If you enjoyed our Dazzlers and Duds polltastic tournament feature, we’ve got another one all lined up for you. Flyers Faithful proudly presents Homer’s Do’s and Doh’s: Our Favorite and Least Favorite Deals Under Paul Holmgren.

Starting Monday, November 19, there was a single bracket with 32 trades, signings, and waiver-wire claims and losses, to determine exactly which deal everyone thinks is Holmgren’s best so far, his less than favorable so far, and whether the good outweighed the bad or vice-versa.


We tallied up all of the votes from every round and put them into two nice, neat lists for you all below.

1. Carter Trade: 165
2. Hartnell / Timonen Rights Trade: 125
4. Coburn Trade: 78
3. Giroux Extension: 72
5. Read Signing: 64
6. Pitkanen Trade: 44
7. Briere Signing: 28
8. Forsberg Trade: 25
9. Leino Trade: 24
10. Umberger Trade: 23
11. Carle Trade: 11
12. Jagr Signing: 9
13. Meszaros Trade: 6
14. Richards Trade: 4
15. Biron Trade: 2
16. Pronger Trade: 2
Total: 682


Least Favorite
1. Gagne Trade: 119
2. Bryzgalov Trade and Sign: 98
3. Upshall Trade: 86
4. Eminger Trade: 81
5. Pronger Trade: 36
6.Shelley Signing: 33
7.Nodl Waiver Loss: 30
8. Jones Re-Entry Waiver Loss: 28
9. Leighton Extension: 28
10. Klotz Drafting: 21
11. Lilja Signing: 12
12. Pronger Extension: 11
13. Richards Trade: 9
14. Zherdev Signing: 8
15. Briere Signing: 4
16. Versteeg Trade: 2
Total: 606


It’s funny how some of this poll tournament played out to some extent. If you take a look at the Briere signing on the favorite side, for example. That signing made it all the way to the third round, before being eliminated by the Hartnell/Timonen rights trade, despite only garnering 28 total votes. Meanwhile, the Coburn trade was eliminated in the second round, but actually received more votes than the Giroux extension, which also made it to three rounds before being eliminated by the Carter trade. I thought it was interesting to see the Read signing really blow the Jagr signing out of the water (given how many Flyers fans really took to Jagr last year) but also to see the Read inking do so well in the first round, only to get a measly two votes in the following round. I guess that’s what happens when you go up against a deal that nets you Jakub Voracek, Sean Couturier, and Nick Cousins.

On the Least favorite side, the Bryzgalov trade and sign had 12 more votes than the Upshall trade overall, but it wasn’t enough to beat the Gagne trade. To see the Richards trade ousted in the first round with only nine total votes was shocking to me, I really thought it was going to be a lot closer to the Nodl waiver loss. The Pronger Trade actually had eight more votes overall than the deal that it was eliminated by: the Leighton extension.   With all of the results up there, it really goes to show that it’s all about the match-ups.

Again, I just want to thank everyone for reading and participating. Now let’s get the season started so we can talk about how much we like or dislike this James van Riemsdyk for Luke Schenn trade!