Games cancelled through January 14; NHL’s fiscal cliff approaching

Thanks to WGRZ

More bad news on Day 96 of the lockout: the National Hockey League announced on Thursday the cancellation of its regular-season schedule through January 14.

That brings the total number of contests lost to the lockout that started
September 16 to 625 — more than one half of all games originally planned.

For the Flyers, there goes their entire Holiday road trip, which was provisionally set to begin on December 31 in Phoenix. But that one, along with contests in Los Angeles on January 3, San Jose on January 5, and in Vancouver one day later have been deleted.

Also on the chopping block were home games against the Rangers (1/10) and Montreal (1/12). A January 15 meeting in Winnipeg is now the season-opening placeholder for the time being, but it’s a lock that if any season is to be played, a whole new matrix will have to be designed to accomodate a truncated schedule.

For the National Hockey League, it’s all but decided that this is the last stop before the cancellation of the entire 2012-13 season. It is not expected that either the league or the union will make any overtures with the Holiday week looming.