Flyers themed New Year’s Resolutions

The lack of NHL hockey has changed a lot of things for many folks, but it can’t change something as old as time. Though a 2013 season may not come to fruition, that doesn’t mean we don’t have room for some Flyers themed New Year’s resolutions for the organization and all those involved – and I can’t think of a better place to start then between the pipes.

Ilya Bryzgalov

That’s a lot of attention. Pic c/o

Can we please take it easy on Ilya Bryzgalov?

I know he doesn’t make it easy on himself at all, but his antics reach international levels of press because our fan base — and the rest of the oddly social-media obsessed NHL fans — blow them epically out of proportion. Why not just ignore him and let him stop the puck? When he was able to settle down and get into a rhythm near the end of the season he was quite good at it. Then he got injured, and the rest is history. Now all anyone can recall about his playoff run is a fluke goal that should have never happened since his defender passed it back to him with no support in sight (what were you thinking, Kimmo?).

Instead, let’s focus on Brayden Schenn and his apparent love of dessert.

Bonus points if we never again see a “humangous beeg” reference ever, ever again.

Lolz Schenn

A laugh at B. Schenn’s expense… pic c/o tumblr

Let the kids be kids, both on the ice and off it.

This is a really young group of Flyers that seem to be locked in for the long term. They are going to have their growing pains in all aspects of their lives — but will we put up with it to see the finished product? We need to be patient with their play, and remember to be constructive with our criticism. We’re some of the best fans in the world because of our understanding of the game, so we can’t make it too personal. If this team can come together and reach it’s potential, it would make victory even sweeter having watched them truly earn it.

We need to start seeing some 60-minute efforts to believe in.

It feels like it has been years since you could confidently predict which Flyers team will take the ice on any given night. There have been flashes, but they haven’t been sustained for extended periods of time. The players need to remember that a loss is a loss, and those aren’t acceptable in any form. Every game counts and every shift within those games matter – there is no time to coast. Start on your own ice, and then take it with you on the jet. Feel free to send me an extra ticket.

Lastly, we need more of this: Flyers Stanley Cup magic to the delight of the orange-clad fans.

Hopefully 2013 brings some form of the same, provided a season arrives at some point.

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