My top remaining questions about the new CBA

As details slowly start to trickle out, and we await the ratification and publishing of the new NHL Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), there will surely be speculation.

Some questions you can make safe assumptions about, while others just won’t be known until it is released.

With that said, here are my top outstanding questions regarding the new CBA:

  1. Is the Wade Redden Rule official?
    1. In an earlier proposal, the NHL included what became known as the Wade Redden rule. It prevents NHL teams from burying bad contracts in the minors. If the rule is official, that means the Flyers will be accountable for Matt Walker’s cap hit, and they will have to account for his $1.7 million.
  2. Is the “screw you Paul Holmgren rule” official?
    1. Coined by Travis Hughes of Broad Street Hockey, this rule held teams accountable for player contracts over 5 years in length, in the event that they retire. That is…the team that signed them to the contract originally…not necessarily the team they retired from. This would apply to Mike Richards, Jeff Carter, and James van Reimsdyk.
  3. Do re-entry waivers still exist?
    1. It was, at one time, proposed by the NHL. I have not yet heard anything one way or the other. As a team that dabbles in re-entry waivers (see the Flyers losing Randy Jones, and risking Matt Walker and Michael Leighton), I’d like to know if the possibility of incurring dead cap space still exists.
  4. Does a bonus cushion still exist?
    1. Bonus cushions allow teams to exceed the cap by a percentage in order to account for bonuses. As players fail to achieve bonuses their cap hit comes down. Brayden Schenn is particularly interesting in this case, as he actually started last year in the AHL last season mostly due to his performance bonuses.
  5. Does Long-Term injured reserve remain the same?
    1. The Flyers should be particularly interested in this because of Chris Pronger. Teams cannot buy out injured players.
  6. Do 35+ contracts remain the same?

If I had to guess…I’m going to go with Yes, No, No, Yes, Yes, Yes. I eagerly await the publishing of the ratified CBA so some of the finer points can be determined.

What are you wondering about?