CBA Chatter

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Everything you wanted to know about the CBA but were afraid to ask

Here are your updates from the past week on the ongoing collective bargaining agreement talks from around the Web.

The NHL has returned!

Now that the owners have ratified the new CBA [CSNPhilly], the players are expected to vote their approval on Friday or Saturday, allowing training camps to commence on Sunday around the league. What is in the new CBA, you may ask? Lets find out what we know so far: [CBC] [Puck Daddy]

So who plays who when?

The schedule is still sort of up in the air, but we know the season starts Saturday:[Broad Street Hockey] []

Gary says

The most annoying man in the world tries to apologize for almost killing hockey again:[Puck Daddy]

Well, that’s it for CBA Chatter.This might be the last time I do this column. I really hope if I do it again, it’s to help explain the ins and outs of the current CBA and not because of a labor stoppage. Now, let’s get ready for some NHL hockey!