ICYMI Offseason Podcasts

It’s been a long offseason. Far longer than anyone would like. Thankfully, it’s just about over.

You know what kept going while the NHL was locked out? The Flyers Faithful Podcast.

Below, you can find all of the episodes that we’ve recorded since the Los Angeles Kings finished off the New Jersey Devils to win the Stanley Cup.

Episode 28: Yogurt Parfait

  • NHL Draft preview and some Devils talk with Todd Cordell from Hockeybuzz and The Hockey Guys.
  • Addressing Bobby Holik’s comments on the Flyers’ feelings towards the Kings winning the Cup.
  • Asking listeners what they would do if they had a day with the Stanley Cup.

Episode 29: Hello Goodbye

  • Saying our goodbyes to JVR and Bob.
  • Michael Baumann from the Philadelphia Phillies blog Crashburn Alley joined us to discuss Jakub Voracek and some midsummer Phils talk.
  • Evaluating the Flyers picks in the 2012 NHL Draft.

Flyers Faithful Ice Hockey Tournament Podcast Live (Kinda)

  • Steve goes without Hal and podcasts live from Flyers Faithful’s first ice hockey tournament, benefitting Snider Hockey.
  • Steve and Kim interview Eklund on what was a hectic NHL off season at the time.
  • Listen as Steve gets yelled at for messing up the scoreboard during the championship game (it’s good stuff!).

Episode 30: The Silence of Rick Nash

  • Recapping the Flyers Faithful Ice Hockey Tournament.
  • Welcoming back Michael “Big Bear” Leighton.
  • The Parise, Suter, and Nash drama at its height.

Episode 31: “Shea”meless

  • Bill Meltzer from Hockeybuzz on Flyers prospect camp, the departures of Matt Carle and Jaromir Jagr, and which young Flyers we can expect to step up next season.
  • Reactions to Zach Parise and Ryan Suter signing with the Minnesota Wild.

Episode 32: Message in a Bottle

  • #teemuforever
  • Shane Doan’s ridiculous contract offer.
  • CBA negotiations begin. (We all know how that would end up…)
  • JVR at center?
  • Flyers prospect camp.
  • Steve and Hal sing! Poorly…

Episode 33: Marbles

  • That time we thought we might get to see Shea Weber in orange and black!
  • Reactions to the Rangers’ acquisition of Rick Nash.

Episode 34: Welcome Back Jakub

  • That time we didn’t get Shea Weber in orange and black :(
  • Jakub Voracek signs a 4-year deal.
  • Alexander Semin signs with the Hurricanes.
  • Tim Thomas is a lunatic, part 386.

Episode 35: A Big Old Mesz

  • Andrej Meszaros injured his Achilles!
  • Will Eric Gustafsson and Marc-Andre Bourdon be able to fill the void? (No! Because now they’re both hurt. Hooray!)
  • Bourdon and Scott Laughton sign new contracts.
  • Hamburgers with bacon and peanut butter.

Episode 36: Anthony SanFilippo and fictional Flyers defensemen

  • Anthony SanFilippo, inside reporter for PhiladelphiaFlyers.com, about the Flyers’ situation on defense, a potential lockout, Pat Falloon, and more!
  • Which fictional characters should the Flyers recruit to play defense?

Episode 37: Riley Cote

  • Former Flyer and current Phantoms assistant coach Riley Cote about his playing career, Scott Hartnell’s new contract, the transition to coaching, young Flyers and Phantoms, and his healthy lifestyle awareness efforts.

Episode 38…99 problems but Bryz ain’t one

  • If you’re having goal problems I feel bad for you son…
  • Lockout talk begins.
  • Most loved and most hated Flyers of the past decade.
  • Listeners’ most hated Flyers of all time.

Episode 39: The Skating Dead

  • Steve finally saw Goon and there was much hockey movie talk and rejoicing.
  • Dustin Byfuglien put on a few pounds in the offseason…
  • Which Flyers would you want by your side in a zombie apocalypse?

Episode 40: Locked Out With Todd Cordell

Episode 41: Eurotrip With Bill Meltzer

  • Bill Meltzer from Hockeybuzz returns to discuss Flyers going overseas and to the minors during the lockout.

Episode 42: Life, The Universe, and Everything

  • EuroFlyers updates.
  • Flyers Faithful Pub Quiz recap.
  • Dominick Hasek retires about 10 years after everyone in North America thought he did.

Episode 43: Lockout Lobotomy

  • Claude Giroux and Danny Briere’s dominance in Germany.
  • Deadspin’s report on the NHL’s PR research.
  • Steve and Hal really start to lose it due to the lockout.

Episode 44: The Winter of our Discontent

  • How the guys have been killing time during the lockout.
  • Flyers Faithful’s Movember efforts.
  • Ilya Bryzgalov’s difficulties with the Russian media.
  • Brayden Schenn and Sean Couturier were doing all of the scoring for the Phantoms.

Episode 45: Phantoms Faithful with Tim McManus

  • Tim McManus about the current state of the Adirondack Phantoms and their future in Lehigh Valley.
  • The Operation Hat Trick charity game.
  • Angelo Cataldi’s “worst” athletes in Philadelphia.

Hurricane Sandy Ice Hockey Game Fundraiser Videos and Podcasts

  • Steve and Hal broadcast live from the Flyers Faithful Hurricane Sandy ice hockey tournament
  • Post game interviews with Geoff Mang, Alex Reardon, Dave Isaac, Dustin Leed and Eklund, including some interesting goalie rumors.

Episode 46: And Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program

  • Our triumphant return from the lockout!

Episode 47: Jim Jackson

  • Flyers television play by play broadcaster Jim Jackson about his career, his favorite games, Coatesy, Twitter (and whether he’ll be making Don Cherry type rants on there), and take a look at the upcoming Flyers season.