Oh My Hockey!

I cannot believe I’m posting. I don’t think the good people here at Flyers Faithful can believe I’m posting. I was beginning to believe that my posting regularity on here would be like the season — non-existent.

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday and spent time with family. Finding out the lockout was over was an early b-day present for me and hilarious because my father had taken it upon himself to get me several Flyers-themed presents for Christmas this year.

Salt and Pepper Shakers. Yes, they are awesome.

I was glad, of course, but a little sad because well, stupid ::insert any foul word here:: lockout. Then it’s all over and it’s like the sun came out finally. I couldn’t handle anymore that the only hockey I was getting was the single camera-shot televised Rockford Ice Hogs games. The quality of game and presentation was so painful. I was close to resorting to desperate measures.

For a not too astronomical price, can be bought at your local Cracker Barrel. No, I’m not kidding.

And then, to have Claude Giroux named Captain. Like icing on the cake that you’ve been seeing in the window of the pastry shop as you pass every day but couldn’t stop in to buy and eat…until now.

Maybe he’s too young, maybe it’ll ruin him, maybe it’s a cursed position, but I’m still excited. Feels like a fresh new start, a clean slate and endless possibilities. I plan to hope and not continue to hate the league for what it did this season (at least not too actively). I will watch the game on Saturday with absolute joy. Because finally, I get some Flyers hockey. I don’t have to pretend to care about the NFL or MLB or NBA or any of it. I can go back to being mocked and persecuted for liking a Philly team but living near Chicago. I delight in this persecution. I say, BRING IT ON!

Kick some ass, boys.

P.S. Book reviews will return to this column, I swear. I’m still working on how I can use a hockey publication as one of my American Lit books for my students.