Your Flyers FAQ guide to begin the season

Courtesy Lady Neat

Q: How long is the season?

A: Just like in 1995, it’s a 48-game course beginning today, January 19, and lasting 99 days until April 27. Here’s the full schedule.

Q: What is the format of the new schedule?

A: “Teams will play 18 games within the division: four games (two home and two away) against two of the teams in the division, five games (three home and two away) against one team from the division and five games (two home and three away) against the remaining divisional opponent. To complete the 720-game schedule, Clubs will play three games against each of the ten remaining non-divisional opponents from within the conference. Outside the division, a team will face five clubs twice at home and once away, while playing once at home and twice on the road against the other five teams.” – PuckDaddy. The Flyers will play the Devils and Rangers five times, and the Penguins and Islanders four times.

Q: How is the roster different from last year?

A: Gone are James Van Riemsdyk, Jaromir Jagr, Matt Carle, Andreas Lilja, Sergei Bobrovsky

Added are Ruslan Fedotenko, Scott Laughton, Luke Schenn, Kurtis Foster, Bruno Gervais, Michael Leighton

Q: How many games can Scott Laughton play before burning a year on his entry-level contract?

A: Five games. The typical 10-game period, was reduced to five for this shortened season. Once he plays his sixth game, the first year of his contract takes effect. Subsequently, he may be sent back to Juniors after his fifth game; although, many thought the same would happen with Sean Couturier last year, and it did not.

Q: When is the trade deadline?

A: April 3

Q: When is the draft?

A: June 30, with all seven rounds taking place in on day.

Q: When is the draft lottery?

A: April 29. All non-playoff teams have a chance at the #1 pick.

Q: When is the Flyers Wives Fight for Lives Carnival?

A: Sunday, March 3

Q: When will free agency begin?

A: Free agency will begin on July 5 for this season only. It will return to July 1 the following season.

Q: What is a compliance buyout?

A: A compliance buyout, is similar to a regular buyout, but it does not effect the salary cap in any way. Compliance buyouts do not regularly exist, but the NHL and NHLPA agreed to allow two compliance buyouts as part of the new CBA in order to help teams “comply” with the lower cap ceiling beginning next season. The compliance buyouts can only be used this summer, or next summer; not before or after. You also cannot buy out an injured player (so Chris Pronger will remain here).