What to expect from McGinn

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It hasn’t even been a full week yet but Tye McGinn has been called up to the Flyers due to an injury to Zac Rinaldo. The 2010, fourth round draft pick (119th overall) is a big body who has found a nice home in front of the net. He could potentially make his debut tonight against the New Jersey Devils at the Prudential Center.

What potentially are the Flyers getting with this call up? A 6′ 2″, 205 pound lefty who has had a spark since coming back to Adirondack from training camp. In 33 games McGinn has tallied 11 goals with 4 assists and 52 PIM. His productivity jumped when he was paired with Jason Akeson and Marcel Noebels last Friday against the Albany Devils. In that game their line produced two of the three goals for the Phantoms with one coming from McGinn.

From what I have seen of McGinn he plays all out, gets in the dirty areas to dig out the puck, parks himself in front of the net, and once he is there he is very hard to move. On top of that, he is able to move the puck well. He is not the fastest skater but he makes up for that with his determination and is strong on his skates. He compliments Akeson’s speed and Noebels spunk very well.

Earlier today it was reported that McGinn was skating with Wayne Simmonds and Brayden Schenn at practice which, in my opinion, is a great move by Coach Laviolette. Based on what I have seen with Akeson and Noebels, McGinn will compliment Schenn’s finesse and give Simmonds a little more space around the crease. Plus between McGinn and Simmonds, no corner is safe when it comes to puck possession. If this line stays the same I can see them getting the puck deep consistently and producing some quality scoring chances.

The Flyers will get average defense from McGinn. He can certainly move bodies around but if he does not maintain position someone can get the jump on him and his -11 shows that. With his offensive prowess starting to take shape he should be able to focus a little more on defense and become a decent two way forward.

Personally, I think he will have a good debut whether it be tonight against the Devils or Thursday at home against the Rangers. The determination he had when he came back from camp was impressive and it helped his play. As long as he keeps his first game jitters in check and keeps his concentration in tact he will do well, even if it is without any points on the stat sheet.