One Win


…but it’s so relieving.

I didn’t even think I was going to watch Thursday night. I had a faculty party to attend at a coworker’s house and they had NHLN and were nice enough to let me watch anyway. Now my jumping up and down or maintaining the fetal position while watching hockey is known to all who were there. At least I didn’t curse like a sailor like I usually do. Although I was still taunted because the Blackhawks are 4-0. And I have to repeat, I don’t hate the Blackhawks, I just like the Flyers better.

It’s like a mantra these days.

But it’s nice to get the win especially against the Rangers after last season.

I’m going to see the Rockford IceHogs (I still wonder about that mascot. Can that be inspiring? Hogs? Hogs on ice?) play tonight (1/25). Apparently they’re awful (according to my sources) and five players or so are suspended for six games because of last week’s major fight.


They were really ‘fighting’ for cancer. When the story was shared with me about that game, I thought of the slightly more memorable Senators vs Flyers circa 2004.


I don’t watch for the fights, but I sure don’t mind when they break out.

1-3 so far for the Flyers notwithstanding, I am so grateful for hockey. My life just picked up some much needed energy that was missing the first half of this school year.

Please wish me luck as I traverse the Midwestern AHL world of IceHogs vs. Chicago Wolves.

  • Jake Richards

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