Flyers vs. Hurricanes: A brief first period assessment

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The first period of tonight’s game was sloppy, fast paced, and loaded with ups and downs. Here are some noteworthy items:

  • The defensemen are playing terrible defensively but they are also jumping into the play, generating offense and scoring goals. Obviously, there needs to be more balance here but, if the defense can spark the forwards, less pressure will be put on the defense and it will all work out in the long run.
  • Jake Voracek had his strongest period of the season. If the Flyers are to turn this season around, he needs to be a big part of it.
  • The energy that has not been there most of the season was there this period. Let’s hope the team can keep it up and build up momentum through the stretch of home games.
  • Daniel Briere scored his first goal of the season and looks like he is getting more strength back. It goes without saying that this is huge.
  • Luke Schenn was disliked by many fans before ever playing a game as a Flyer. Knocking in an own-goal off his skate to start the season did not help. However, his play throughout most of the season has been better than the general consensus would lead you to believe. That being said, this is by far his worst period as a Flyer. He should not see much ice time through the rest of the game and may start getting some nights off once Erik Gustafsson is healthy and strong enough to call up.
  • Tye McGinn does not look out of place on the first line and his first shift of the game set the tempo for the rest of the period. He came out with a lot of energy and the rest of the team followed suit.
  • It would surprise me if Ilya Bryzgalov is not hurt. He does not look like the same goalie since getting hit high with the puck last night. It is also possible that he is letting the poor play of the Flyers get to his head and is tired of carrying the team. I’m prone to believe the former option, though.
  • Kurtis Foster > Andreas Lilja.
  • Matt Read = swoon.
  • Speaking of missing players who belong on the side of a milk carton, what about Max Talbot?
  • Side note: I would like to see Marcel Noebels get a call up. He’s been working his way quickly up the ranks and is producing well offensively for the Flyers. Eric Wellwood is a solid player but Noebels has significantly higher offensive upside. Casey Lumbra, our credentialed AHL writer who covers the Phantoms questions whether or not Noebels is physically mature enough to make it in the NHL yet.