Hockey Hilarity: #HartnellDownNoMore?

Image Courtesy of Geeky Tyrant

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As many of you wonderful readers know, Philadelphia Flyers winger Scott Hartnell is on the verge of coming back into the lineup. It’ll be a huge boost to a team, both on and off the ice, as Hartnell is not only a very likable dude, he’s also fresh off his best year in the NHL and will bring even more balance to the lineup. And with the unfortunate injury to Matt Read well, frankly, the Flyers will need all the offense they can get.

One of the things that Hartnell provides as well as some offensive punch and more grit to a pretty gritty team already, ironically enough, is comic relief in the form of his inability to keep himself upright. #HartnellDown, once scorned for his pension for falling all over the ice, is now celebrated… But now that he’s had surgery, what if that was no more as Flyers Faithful founder, owner, and scribe Marcello D pondered this week?

It’s a really scary thought, don’t you think? I mean doctors were able to allow both Jeff Carter and Simon Gagne to hobble up and down the ice in the playoffs in 2010 (though they could never fix whatever was going on with Peter Forsberg’s feet) what if they fix Hartnell and he actually can stay on his skates?! I guess we will just have to wait, hold onto hope that he will still crumble like the Pittsburgh Penguins defense, and see…