Goaltender in the Making

my own photo - ecnewman

I went to a Rockford IceHogs game last Saturday (my third this season, which is pretty cool) and during the first intermission (much like at the Philadelphia Flyers’ games) they had kids playing hockey. I noticed that there were a few girls on the ice which made me happy. I don’t know much about women’s hockey, but I would definitely like to learn.

The goalie for the side I was on was female. And yes, the kids don’t move too fast along the ice, but there were a couple of bounces on the almost goal in the last seconds and she stopped every one.

I cheered for her and really hoped that she’d keep playing for a long time to come.

It made me a little bummed that I hadn’t grown up playing hockey or at least having known about that option. I watched The Mighty Ducks like everyone else of my generation, but I wasn’t from the North, so I didn’t really think it was a possibility. I feel cheated.

So, those of you who have kids, make sure they know they can play hockey and it’s better to start young. Because I may not be aged and decrepit yet, but learning to skate when you’re adult height and therefore further from the ice is way off-putting.