You’re doing it wrong: the “Let’s Go Flyers” chant

Image c/o Amy Irvin

Many of you will read this and think I’m pretentious or merely care too much about unimportant things. While another portion of you will feel my pain. Consider this a Public Service Announcement and a pet peeve rolled into one. You’re doing the “Let’s Go Flyers” chant wrong.

In the proper chant the “Fly” is the only part that is emphasized. It is “Let’s-go-FLY-ers”. For you musically inclined people, the 1st, 2nd, and 4th notes are the same. So if “1″ were one particular note, “2″ were a different (lower) note. It would be Let’s(1) – Go(1) – FLY(2) – ers(1). I find it a bit amusing that the organ plays the melody and yet it’s still gotten wrong.

What everyone actually does is the 1st and 3rd notes are the same, and the second and fourth notes are the same. LET’S(1) – Go(2) – FLY(1) – ers(2). This is not correct.

Maybe I’m just nostalgic, which is probably a bit strange being that I’m 26 and I’d bet that fans have been doing the chant wrong during my more hockey cognizant years more than they have been doing it right, but I so desperately want to hear the chant done in all its Spectrum glory.

It was a chant that was unique, and belonged to the Flyers; and yet over the years it has morphed into the generic “Let’s go <team>” chant that the New York Rangers employ (not that there is anything wrong with that). But I don’t want to be generic. I don’t want to do the same chant that every other team does. I want our chant! Tell me this doesn’t sound incredible!

  • PMilani

    i could not possibly agree with this entire article!! I am actually internally tortured now every time I attend a Flyers home game and they do the chant wrong…

  • HockeyDude

    Yes! I’ve been saying this for years!!! And yes, there IS something wrong with using the same chant as Ranger fans!!! I can’t believe more Flyer fans aren’t outraged at this.

  • Timothy Holst

    I’ve been saying the same thing ever since I first noticed the change. What the hell happened? Did all of us old-time fans just get priced out of the building? I don’t get it. But something should definitely be done!

    Thanks for writing this. I thought I was the only one who cared!

  • Kevin Christmann

    Glad you guys enjoyed it…and agree!

  • Brian

    All of these videos have the same cadence to the chant. And to all the people talking about the Rangers, you could be talking about any team because every team in sports, including the Flyers uses the same generic “lets go” chant.

    • Will

      Bryan you are dumb. The cadence is clearly NOT the same. That was the point of Kevin’s entire rant!

      If you mean that yes, they both have the same 4 syllables, and are chanted to the same music, then yes…they are the same…and you should not consider a musical career path.

    • Doug

      No they don’t! Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Baa Baa Black Sheep, and The Alphabet Song all share the same cadence. Someone could hum any one of them and not know which they are hearing. If you hummed the 2 chants above, they would CLEARLY sound differently…

      LETS GO fly ERS = ++++ ++++ —- ++++
      LETS go FLY ers = ++++ —- ++++ —-

  • hintzy


    I’m not much older than you, but have noticed the same thing. At games at the Spectrum when I was a kid, the chant was as you describe, and as it is in the 1st and 3rd videos. It’s different. It’s unique. It’s the Flyers chant. But in recent years it’s slowly being replaced with the other way (2nd video) that every other team does it. It’s perfectly fine for those other teams, but it’s losing a tradition that is special to our team. Don’t be generic! Keep the Flyers chant alive! Thanks for spreading the word!

  • Ryan Perdew


    You clearly don’t know how to put the right emPHasis on the right sylLAble. You are as silly as homer simpson.

  • Jon Snow

    Pretty sure the “correct” chant isn’t exclusive to the Flyers…

    • Kevin Christmann

      You know nothing Jon Snow! :-)

      I’d love to be shown another team using that cadence. I’ve never seen it.

  • Freddie

    So right! I’m a philly native living in NYC. I despise the Rangers melody that these new fans are doing!

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  • pfes

    Wow. I thought I was the only one who was annoyed that it changed. Thankfully, we’re not dead yet. How can we get it back?

  • Will Shoes

    I think a lot was lost when the Spectrum was torn down. As nice is WFC is it will never be a loud as the Spectrum was- just the way it’s built and the acoustics. At WFC the seats slant gently up from the ice and the noise seems to do the same- at the spectrum the steep-high-stepped structure forced the noise the fall and settle on the ice.
    As for the chant there are voicings that have been lost where the pitches were actually different i.e. “Let’s” was sung at a a higher pitch than “Go” and the “Fly-” same pitch as “Let’s” and “-ers” back down around the to the “Go” pitch. Or something like that but I do miss that cascading down from rafters in the Spectrum- older that you but like you love the Flyers no matter what. Thanks.

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