Things I want to think, but not sure I’m allowed to

With the Flyers all but eliminated from the playoff race, I figured I’d turn my weekly column into something more fun this week (well, fun for me, but something you readers may hate).

So, without further ado, here is…“Things I want to think, but not sure I’m allowed to (because I’m a Philadelphia sports fan)”:

On the Pittsburgh Penguins

  • On the Flyers Faithful podcast, intrepid rumormeister Eklund described Sidney Crosby as a “grinder,” and I cannot disagree with him. He is the best grinder of all time, and the way he plays, it makes it harder and harder for me to hate him
  • I don’t want to have to hate Jarome Iginla, but I will do it if I have to!
  • The Penguins have won 13 straight games. The Flyers have won 13 all season. Yikes!
  • The Pens have made three BIG trades in the last week. As Flyers fans, we know this does not lead to a championship (hell, even Penguins fans know that, ain’t that right Marian Hossa?)

On the Miami Heat

  • How can anyone hate this team?
  1. Best player in the world? Check
  2. Fun and winning attitude? Check
  3. Ridiculous nicknames that fit? Hello, Birdman
  • Miami lost to the Bulls last night ending 27 straight wins. Some perspective: The Heat beat the 28-win Sixers three times on that streak.

State of Philly sports

  • Like the Eagles this year, the Flyers face their most important offseason/draft in a long time
  • The Sixers? Well, they have Lavoy Allen!
  • This is just bad, but I’m still living off the Phillies 2008 championship. I won’t like it, but I could take another five years of misery

On the NHL and the Flyers

  • I think we could have a very interesting trade deadline with big names moving for not “big name prices”
  • I hope the Flyers trade Danny Briere, not because I dislike him, but because I believe he deserves a chance to chase Lord Stanley’s Cup

-  But if Briere does not waive his NMC, I cannot fault him

  • Now that the season is getting out of hand, give Bryz a rest, call up some youngsters, and show some heart
  • Rik Pontician

    I can’t hate the Pens either, I mean aren’t they doing it they way Flyer fans wish our team would? Great piece by the way.