Hey Flyers, Quit Playing Games With My Heart

Big thank you to the great Estebomb for the photoshop

I’m not taking the bait. I don’t want to. It is not happening. I refuse! I love my Flyers, but I will not begin to now believe that this team is hitting their stride and will make the playoffs. No way, no how!

I said it two weeks ago: a loss to the Penguins and Rangers and the season was done. Finished. Caput!

What did the Flyers do? Lost in overtime to the Penguins and got dismantled by the Rangers, so not exactly out of it then. The Flyers followed that Rangers loss with a shootout loss to the Islanders!??!

Good night, sweet dreams Flyers…

But wait, you’re telling me that the Flyers have won four games in a row? Against playoff-caliber teams? Stop it. I’m not going to let myself believe, no matter how big or small the chance of the playoffs may be.

Hold up, the Flyers have played the “cardiac kids” game again the last two games? Please, Flyers, don’t do this to me…

So, if I’m getting excited, the Flyers must have made a massive deadline deal for a rent-a-player and mortgaged their future, right? No? They only traded a third round pick and Michael Leighton for Steve Mason? (Writer’s and editor’s note: Missin’ you, Leights).

Oh jeez…this is happening, isn’t it?

Please don’t do this to me, Flyers. I want a top three pick. Suck for Seth, remember? Boozin’ for Drouin, am I right?! Hell, gimme Donovan McNabb’s nephew Darnell Nurse, that’s going to be a fun ride, no?

I want to be mad at you, Flyers, but you’re doing it all…right. You’re letting this team grow together, through its ups and downs. Not making a big acquisition? Smart move. Watching the team handle adversity and letting coach Laviolette do his job? Another smart move.

So, you’re sitting two points out of the eight seed with killer injuries to depleted defense.. This is the same eight seed where in the West, the LA Kings won the Stanley Cup from.

I’m watching every game trying to tell my brain that losing is what is best for the Flyers, but my heart won’t let me.

Ah, heart. What a funny word. Something the team had lacked until late. Wait, oh no, not now.

Stop it, Flyers.

Dammit. Stop it, Hal!

I…I just can’t help it…Let’s Go Flyers!