Contest: Give us your feedback for a chance to win a shirt

Hockey’s best toothless smile

So, we’re running a contest. Here’s the deal:

We are making a shirt that includes Bobby Clarke, Ian Laperriere, and Sean Couturier. We need a fourth Flyer to add to the list with a great gap-toothed grin. That’s where you come in.

Leave a comment below with your best suggestion and a link to a picture of the smiling, toothless Flyer. If your player gets chosen, you — meaning all of you who picked the same person — will get a chance to win the t-shirt you had a hand in creating.

Remember, the rules are simple:

  1. You must leave a comment below with the name of the Flyers (past or present) and a link to an image of that Flyer showing off his missing teeth as a Flyer (ie. Mel Bridgman in a Devils uniform doesn’t count).
  2. You can’t choose Bobby Clarke, Ian Laperriere, or Sean Couturier.
  3. That’s it.
  • wheineman

    Please tell me that you are making a Mount Rushmore!

    • Marcello

      Indeed we are.

      • wheineman

        BTW, my reply still says awaiting moderation?

        • Marcello

          Weird. It’s showing up as approved for me. We don’t have any filter setup for comments to be moderated.

          • wheineman

            ok, just reposted instead.

  • Bryan Coccia


  • Jeffrey Hoffman

    After those three, there aren’t many great choices. I’d go with Bridgman, but there are no good pics of him showing off his kisser in a Flyers sweater. Next I’d go Carcillo, but I’m kind of still iffy about that. There are other guys that would be better but they aren’t on the same level of epic toothless smile as the rest.

  • Hartigan

    Obviously Carcillo.

  • wheineman

    Gotta be Dan Carcillo. Love him or hate him, he had a great toothless grin! And with him, you get a special bonus…an amazingly horrible mustache!

  • Harpo

    A blast from the past Doug Favell what a great smile!

  • Andrew John Quigley


    • Andrew John Quigley

      BTW, the site keeps filtering out any comment with a picture in it =/

      • Marcello

        Not sure why the comments with images were being held for moderation. I don’t see any setting for that but they’ve all been approved now.

  • John Purcell
  • Tina M Cairns

    Carcillo is still playing, for another team, so IDK if I’d want him on a Flyers shirt

    I know it’s not a toothless smile, so it won’t qualify, but it’s a great gap: Chris Pronger :)