Hockey Hilarity: Narcolepzgalov

Image courtesy of Geeky Tyrant


Friday funnies brought to you straight from hockey’s own players, media personnel, and broadcast botches. We’ll be mucking it up every week right here, examining puck ups, puns, tweets, and more!

This week has been rather sad to watch again for Philadelphia Flyers fans, but being as that it’s April and there really are no other story lines around the fledgling team, it’s pretty hard for people to write about them, let alone read about them.

Amidst “reports” (or whatever they’re calling it, because I really don’t have time or care enough at all to read up on it) that a certain Russian goaltender (Ilya Bryzgalov) that plays for a certain National Hockey League team in Philadelphia (the Philadelphia Flyers) may or may not have passed out (oh, word?) at a team meeting (REALLY?! WHO CARES?!!!! This is what passes for news????? How about how the professional ice hockey team is playing professional ice hockey?!??!!?! Does that even matter?!???!?!?!???!), I figured I’d share this brief, four second clip from what would have been just about the same time last season (3/4s of the way through it):

I mean hey, if I started and finished 20-plus straight games, I’d probably be tired too, but you know, like, what do I know about playing professional hockey or writing professionally or being professional or life? Gotta love the drama in Philadelphia. Never a dull moment.

Anyway, come back next week where we’ll sit around the campfire and tell stories and cook up s’mores and stuff. I’m kidding, I don’t even have the ingredients for s’mores. Bring your own.