Helping the Boston Marathon victims

We received a few questions recently about what we will do to help the victims of the Boston bombings.

We are willing to do whatever we can to help. It has become our custom to host some sort of hockey-related event to raise money for the innocent victims affected by an unfortunate tragedy. After careful consideration, though, I do not believe this is the appropriate route to take in this instance.

First of all, we have a significant overlap in participants from event to event and it is not right to ask you to constantly open up your wallets every month or two. Additionally, this is not a situation where money will have as much of an impact.

Instead, donating blood would help more people in both the short term and the long term.

We are currently working with the American Red Cross and Flyers Skate Zone to setup a blod drive at the ice hockey tournament we will host after the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Assuming we can work out the logistics, this will require a minimum of 45 people to sign up in advance to donate blood in order for the Red Cross to come out. Please keep this in mind and let friends and family who might be willing to donate now. If we can get a head start on this, we can succeed in making this event happen.

We will have more details on both the blood drive and the corresponding ice hockey tournament as the events come into shape. Make sure you check back and follow @flyers_faithful on Twitter for more information.