Flyers hold 11th spot in the 2013 Entry Draft


The National Hockey League held its annual draft lottery tonight in Toronto.

The lottery system allows the teams with the worst records a real chance at improving.  This year will mark the first time that all 14 of the non-playoff teams will have a shot at winning the first pick.  Basically it breaks down like this:  the worse the record of the team, the more likely the chance that they win the first-overall pick.

The team with the worst record in the NHL this season, the Florida Panthers, had a 25 percent chance of winning the lottery.  Other teams that had a high chance to win the pick included Colorado at 18.8%, Tampa Bay at 14.2% and Nashville at 10.7%.

The winner of the first overall pick was the Colorado Avalanche, who had a 18.8% of winning. They jumped from the number two spot to the first spot and will have the first overall pick. Congratulations to the Avalanche and good luck in the draft!

The Philadelphia Flyers, for the first time since the 2006-07 season, are going to miss the playoffs. However, this allowed them a chance at winning the #1 overall pick — something which the franchise has not seen since taking Mel Bridgman way back in 1975.  At the start of the day the Flyers were slated to select eleventh overall in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft but remained there.

With only a 1.5% chance of actually winning the first pick, the Flyers couldn’t have had high hopes for moving up.  With the worst case scenario the Flyers could have been bumped down by one spot, placing them in twelfth.  The only way this could have happened is if one of the lower teams; the Phoenix Coyotes, Winnipeg Jets or Columbus Blue Jackets, won the first pick.

We now know, thanks to the lottery, that the Flyers will select 11th overall in the upcoming draft.  Now that our selection number has been figured out, we will have to wait and see what General Manager Paul Holmgren does with it.

For some ideas of who the Flyers may target, check out our 2013 draft eligible prospect profiles.

We will be doing some really cool things while covering the draft this year.  With the Flyers right in the thick of things, it should be an interesting draft, so stay tuned for updates!