NHL Fandom Survey: Flyers/Penguins best rivalry in the league; Penguins the most loved and hated franchise

Image c/o Lady Neat

A friend recently pointed out an extremely interesting survey he discovered on Reddit. The survey asked for feedback from NHL fans on how they felt about all of the other franchises throughout the league. For every franchise you could choose love, like, indifferent, dislike, or hate. This information was then aggregated in a number of interesting ways.

The original survey can be found here; credit to reddit poster WoundedLeprechaun. The analysis was then provided by another poster TeroTheTerror.

For anyone that wants the cliff notes version; with respect to the Flyers:

  • 9th most “Loved” team
  • 12th most “Loved” or “Liked” team
  • 4th most “Hated” team
  • 4th most “Hated” or “Disliked” team

And for your leaguewide results:

  • Best Overall Opinion (highest score) – CBJ
  • Worst Overall Opinion (lowest score) – BOS
  • Most Loved (highest number of Love responses) – PIT
  • Most Hated (highest number of Hate responses) – PIT

Below is the analysis straight from TeroTheTerror (with the exception of my embedding some of his charts).



  • The survey lasted 5 days and there were 1145 responses.
  • The average respondent loves 1.61 teams, likes 5.85 teams, is indifferent about 13.30 teams, dislikes 5.50 teams and hates 3.74 teams
  • The average team had 61.37 loves, 223.10 likes, 507.60 indifferents, 209.80 dislikes and 142.77 hates.
  • No one hated every team but their own (but a few people were pretty close)

The Score

I gave a Love response 2pts, Like 1pt, Indifferent 0pts, Dislike -1pt and Hate -2pts, then for each team this was added together and averaged into a final score. In addition each person who took the survey had their score calculated (add together all their responses/30).

  • Average respondent score was -0.13
  • Lowest respondent score was -1.73
  • Highest respondent score was 0.87
  • 791 people had negative scores
  • 299 people had positive scores
  • 55 people had a score of zero
  • 7 teams scored positively: Jets, Bolts, Wild, Oil, Jackets, Avs and Hawks
    • The highest of which was CBJ with 0.41 (best team liked, by score)
  • 22 teams scored negatively
    • The lowest of which was Boston with -0.59 (worst overall opinion, by score)
  • 1 team scored zero: Ducks
  • From all the scores a fan positivity chart was made (below)…good news! We’re all a bunch of negative bastards! No team’s fans had an overall positive score
    • All opinions but those of the fan’s own team were included
    • The least negative fans were the Bolts and the Jets both with -0.07
    • The most negative fans were the Kings with -0.34

Analysis c/o TeroTheTerror


Continuing with the score, a chart of fan opinions of the other 29 teams was created.

Fan Opinion Chart – Analysis c/o TeroTheTerror

  • Note that the 2′s (or high 1′s) down the middle are a team’s own opinion of themselves which is why it’s so high.
    • Negative scores are red, positive green, and 2′s are yellow.
    • There were a few people who said they rooted for a team, but then only responded that they liked the team, hence why not every one has a 2…I wasn’t sure if these responses should be included, but in the end they were (it doesn’t really affect the data overall)

Rivalry Chart – Analysis c/o TeroTheTerror

  • The two teams’ scores were then added to one another to create a rivalry chart.
    • The idea here was if two teams really hated each other they would have a more negative combined score and bigger rivalry
    • Less than -2 is black (biggest rivalry), less than -1 dark red, less than 0 light red, more than 0 light green, more than 1 dark green (friendliest teams).
    • Surprise! The biggest rivalry was Flyers/Pens (-3.85), followed closely by Mtl/Bos (-3.81), Devs/Rags (-3.73), PHX/LAK (-3.51) and Bos/Van (-3.45).
    • Apparently everyone loves Winnipeg because they had as many scores over 1 as the rest of the league combined (4 – Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal and Vancouver…oddly all Canadian teams)
  • Then the differences between what 2 teams thought of one another was charted (absolute value of their scores subtracted)
    • Everyone has 0 in their own column because it was their score – their score = 0
    • If there was a difference of great than 1 is was colored red
    • Boston and Vancouver both had 4 discrepancies of over 1

The Charts

Quick note: I gave 2 example charts and asked what people liked the most in a previous post, well the response was 50/50 so I did everything in both styles. If you like Example A only pay attention to group A charts, if you likeExample B only pay attention to group B.

All horizontal stacked charts are in percentages, all vertical bar charts are in raw numbers


Fan Charts:

There are a ton of charts per team, sorry if it’s too much. First there’s 2 charts for each division one sorted by team and one sorted by L/L/I/D/H, then there’s 2 charts for each conference both sorted by L/L/I/D/H, one’s a vertical bar (raw numbers) and the other is a horizontal stacked (percentages), and finally there’s 2 for the league (same idea as with the conferences).






Black Hawks


Blue Jackets


Red Wings

















Maple Leafs





….Aaannnd done…the fan charts may seem a bit repetitive, but I liked the idea of seeing the different groupings/representations.