2013 IIHF World Championships: Giroux excels, Gustafsson logging near 30 minutes


Slovakia-Austra 1-2 SO

Radivojevic 0+1, 16:54 TOI, +1

Austria beat Slovakia after 17 years and made another big surprise at the World Championships.

Slovenia-Czech Republic 2-4

Voracek 0+2, 17:29 TOI

Slovenia played more than an equal role for the first 40 minutes of the game. The struggling Czechs couldn’t find a way to score against team Slovenia. Luckily team Czech Republic scored two quick power play goals in the third which helped them to gain another important three points in the standings.

Russia-Finland 2-3

Vaananen 0+0, 15:43 TOI, 2 PIM

Kukkonen 0+0, 11:36 TOI

Bryzgalov – backup

This was a very good game in Helsinky between Russia and Finland. Petri Kontiola scored twice for team Finland.

Belarus-Canada 1-4

Giroux 1+2, 82.35 FO%, 16:17

Read 0+0, 14:38 TOI, 2 PIM

Schenn 0+0, 18:00 TOI, 2 PIM

Simmonds 0+0, 13:31 TOI

Canada proved its role as a contender while beating Belarus by a three goal margin. Claude Giroux played one of his best games of the tournament. He set up a power play goal for Andrew Ladd. Later he went two on one with Stamkos and fed him for the goal. Ginger Jesus scored in the final stanza another beauty – he was dazzling behind the net and scored on the wrap around.

Matt Read played a good defensive-minded game. Wayne Simmonds was struggling a bit and he couldn’t capitalize on a big chance in front of the net. Luke Schenn looked strong playing alongside Brian Campbell who scored an own goal when he redirected Yefimenko’s shot on Dubnyk.


USA-France 4-2

Carle 0+1, 19:00 TOI, +1

France shocked the whole hockey world a few days ago – they won against a strong Russian team. Despite France being not an ice-hockey minded country, the story made it to the front cover of every sport newspaper in the country. But team France wasn’t able to win against USA. The Americans were shooting more than the Russians did and France couldn’t find a way how to stop the American forwards.

Switzerland-Denmark 4-1

Lauridsen 0+0, 6:12

Team Switzerland won its fifth straight and hasn’t lost a single match in this tournament yet. Oliver Lauridsen suffered groin pull in that loss and he didn’t come back to the game later.

Finland-Austria 7-2

Vaananen 0+1, 13:04 TOI

Kukkonen 0+0, 9:31 TOI, +1

Finland manhandled Austria 7-2 and they are leading the Group B in Helsinki with 14 points. Petri Kontiola scored once and added two assists. He’s now the scoring leader of the tournament with twelve points for six goals and six assists.

Sweden-Slovenia 2-0

Gustafsson 0+0, 27:16 (37 shifts)

Altough Slovenia played some very good games against contenders they are in danger of going down to World Championship B. They need to win over Canada and rely on two Danish losses. Erik Gustafsson played another very good game and logged the most ice-time in the game.

Germany-Latvia 2-0

Germany still has a chance to advance to the quarterfinals after the victory over Latvia. They are now tied with Slovakia in points.

Norway-Belarus 3-1

Thoresen 0+1, 17:52 TOI

Team Belarus looked tired in this game as they lost to Norway, who came back to fourth place in Group A. The Norwegians could advance if they beat Switzerland in one of the last games among Group A teams.