Armchair GM: Five minutes on CapGeek will quell your fears

So, you’re freaking out because the Flyers acquired Mark Streit for a prospect who would never play in the NHL and a 2014 mid-level draft pick. He’s like a million years old and wants like a billion dollars a year. The Flyers have no cap space and OH MY GOD THIS TEAM IS SCREWED!

Step back from the ledge. Everything is going to be OK.

To prove it, I spent a total of five minuts putting together a roster on CapGeek that included buyouts, improving the defense, and re-signing free agents while still leaving over $3 million in cap space before worrying about Chris Pronger. Here you go. Have a look.

Is this your dream roster? Maybe. Maybe not. Does it accurately detail how the Flyers acquirer Bernier and Bouwmeester? Not really. Does it matter? Not for the purpose of this post.

The point is, Paul Holmgren does not have to disassemble the team to fit in Mark Streit. If anything, using the buyouts that everyone already anticipated the team would use, room would be created to improve the team. Moving a couple of other pieces around would create even more flexibility and perhaps fill the prospect cupboard.

Sure, Streit is 35 and he won’t come cheaply but he seems legitimately excited to play here and it sounds like he will likely sign a deal.

OK, maybe he has a worse career +/- than Dick Cherry — hah! — but he also spent his career on a terrible Islanders team.

As pointed out by Scott Cullen earlier today, Streit ranks 7th among defensemen in points per game since 2007-08 (0.66 PPG). Aside from missing the entire 2011 season, he has been an ironman throughout his career. His 27 points would have put him fifth on the Flyers this season in points, fourth in assists (21), and seventh in goals (6). His offensive prowess and PP quarterbacking abilities would fill huge holes on the blue line (remember how much we missed Matt Carle?).

The concerns about his age can be handled properly. Although Streit averaged over 23 minutes per game for the Islanders this season, he would not have to do so in Philadelphia. The Flyers depth on D and the amount of time the team spends on the PK would allow him more opportunities to rest. Oh, and his 241 points would place him third all-time among Flyers defensemen right below Mark Howe and Eric Desjardins but with a significantly high point per game average than Rico.

Assuming Streit signs in Philadelphia and stays healthy, expect him to play about 18 minutes per game, lead the team in powerplay points and help the transition game a ton. His puck possession skills will help get the puck out of the offensive zone, which was an area in which the Flyers struggled this year, lead to more offensive opportunities and, ultimately to more goals scored.