Five Questions 2013 NHL Entry Draft: To trade down or remain put?

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Flyers Faithful is pleased to have Adam Kimelman from, Mark Edwards from, Chris Shafer from Hockey’s Future, Todd Cordell from The Hockey Guys and HockeyBuzz and our very own Jared Abbott participate in the current iteration of Five Questions. This is the fifth of a five part series focusing on the upcoming draft.

Would the Flyers be wise to trade down from the 11th overall pick and acquire more late round picks given how deep this draft class is supposed to be?

Adam Kimelman:  I’m sure Paul Holmgren and his staff are going over all opportunities. If there ever was a time to acquire as many picks as possible, this is the draft to do it.

Mark Edwards:  I think it really depends on who is left on board for the Flyers when they are up next to pick. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to move down a couple of spots if there are no players that they love at #11. It’s obviously a tough question for people like me to answer. The Flyers can obviously plan and predict how the draft will unfold ahead of you, but until it gets rolling you never know. Having said that, I’m expecting movement and if I was a GM this year I would do as much groundwork as I could to move around the draft board.

Chris Shafer: If the Flyers could use their 1st to somehow acquire two picks in the top 40, they should feel very good about themselves as long as one of those picks is around 20. You start to see a drop off in the tail end of the 2nd round, and I think that leaves the Flyers open to options both in the 1st round and with the 41st overall pick. If you get two of the names I mentioned earlier in this article as 1st round talent-level defensemen, you quickly become one of the big draft winners for 2013.

Todd Cordell: If the Flyers have someone high on their board who will be available in the 15-20 range, I think they’d have to consider moving the 11th overall pick. As you said, this is a very, very deep draft and if you have the opportunity to stockpile more picks without losing out on a player you’re really high on, you have to strongly consider it.

Jared Abbott: Picking 11th overall is difficult in this draft. Yes, there are loads of talented prospects with NHL potential that Philly could select in that slot, but the elite players will be gone, leaving a large pack of very solid young players. Once the elite-tier is gone, it will be difficult to differentiate the grades of the next tier of talent. Many of the late-first and second round prospects will prove just as valuable, many more so, a few years down the road.

I know the Flyers are not accustomed to trading down and stockpiling picks, but this draft class is deeper than any in a decade and provides Philly with the perfect opportunity to replenish their shallow prospect pool. If there is a player at 11th overall that the Flyers have rated higher than that on its board then they will most likely pull the trigger. But, if the prospects available at that slot are not rated as highly they shouldn’t force a selection hoping to strike gold. With the spread out talent in this class it may be wiser to let another team move up for a player they desire and acquire more selections later in the draft.

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