Draft day creates more questions than it answers for the Flyers

2013 Flyers first round pick, Samuel Morin

Coming into yesterday’s draft, it was clear that the Flyers needed to stock up on prospects as a whole and specifically defensemen. In that regard, the team accomplished their mission. However, the moves that they made — as well as ones that they did not — result in some unanswered questions.

  • Shortly before the Flyers were on the clock to make their first round pick, it was announced that the Devils acquired Vancouver’s supposed starter of the future, Cory Schneider, for the 9th overall pick. If the Flyers have been linked to Jonathan Bernier, Jaroslav Halak, and just about every other goalie who may or may not be available, why not Schneider? At 27, he is barely in his prime and could be an ideal fit for the Flyers for years to come. The talks Holmgren had with Vancouver GM, Mike Gillis, did not go far. The move the team did not make could come back to haunt them for years to come as the Devils may have finally found the heir apparent to Martin Brodeur.
  • The Edmonton Oilers pursued Braydon Coburn hard throughout the entirety of the draft. What was their best offer? Is Holmgren holding out because he thinks he can get more, plans to keep Coburn, or was the offer simply not good enough?
  • Samuel Morin is a big guy with a mean streak who has drawn comparisons to Chris Pronger for those reasons. He is also needs a bit of work and is a left-handed shot. Why would the Flyers leave some more polished right-handed defenders on the board and pick Morin when they do not have the prerequisite track record of success with developing homegrown defenseman?
  • Is Chris Pronger still the answer to the team’s defensive woes? Pronger, who was active for the Flyers at the draft last night, had plenty of input to give on the newly drafted Flyers. Will he be looked upon by the organization to play an important role in ensuring that these blue liners actually man an NHL blue line some day?
  • What the hell were the Flyers thinking when they drafted Tyrell Goulbourne in the third round? Goulbourne is said to be a very hard worker and the Flyers allegedly view him as Zac Rinaldo 2.0. Fans view him as Garrett Klotz. There were plenty of talented players available who could have been drafted even than 72nd overall and Goulbourne most certainly would have been available in future rounds.
  • As a team that is in win now mode every offseason, the Flyers have yet to do anything overly drastic and reactionary, though some may view the Mark Streit signing as reactionary. Of course, it is still early in the offseason and free agency has yet to start but does the team actually plan on being patient and developing its players?
  • What happened to all of the absurd trades and big names that were supposedly going to be moved across the NHL landscape yesterday?

Many of these questions will go unanswered for years to come. It will be interesting to look back five years from now and get an accurate reading on just how well the Flyers did at the 2013 NHL Entry Draft.