Hockey Hilarity: Of Course Claude Giroux, Of Course

Image Courtesy of Geeky Tyrant

Hey everyone! Welcome to another Hockey Hilarity. This time, with both a heavy heart and hysterical laughing fit, I must talk about the elephant in the room: Claude Giroux actually, seriously, honestly did injure himself golfing… In a really weird, and yet oddly overly masculine way.

The Philadelphia Flyers‘ newly signed for the next eight years captain, shattered his golf club, cut some of the tendons in his right index finger, and had surgery to repair said tendons according to everybody on the Internet. So he’s missing the next five or six weeks of, what basically amounts to the rest of the off-season (and some of training camp, but who needs that crap when you’re a point a game player).

Honestly, as upsetting as this is for Flyers fans, it’s kind of like one of those “oh of course, of course Claude Giroux, the Flyers’ captain and leading scorer, would injure himself while golfing in the off-season, requiring surgery… Of course.” Because it’s pretty much par for the course in Philadelphia.

Anyway, if you steer clear of the rough and sand traps on Twitter, there were a few gems that I’d like to go ahead and share with you:

(the above is funny because of this:

And easily my favorite of the bunch:

That’s all folks. Hope everyone else is having a great off-season and staying safe, on and off the course. See you next week… Same hockey time. Same hockey channel.